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Featured Teacher: Ross

Ross knew that yoga was for him after just one class - and it's been a 'life' for him since 2001. This chilled-out 'kiwi' (New Zealander) is a great believer of 'vibes', gathers inspiration from various sources, and thrives on helping people help themselves. He's also very passionate about a unique kind of 'boarding'…

Where are you originally from?
Mt Maunganui, New Zealand

How long have you been teaching?
Since 2001

Who was your first yoga teacher and what was he/she like?
My first yoga teacher was "Natalia" in Toronto (who is now a director of Moksha Yoga).

How long have you been practising?
All of my life up to this point....(the "point" being "life is yoga")

Originally what attracted you to yoga?
It was a very healthy option to begin to practise and after my first class a "bell" resounded in my head and my body was saying "yes this is it". Also all the people i knew who were practising seemed to have something that I didn't, and I wanted to get me some of "that" stuff..........

What motivates you to practise today?
I still like to get me some of "that"!! That is "shakti", good vibes, call it what you like but practising makes you feel gooood, that's what motivates me.

How would you describe your personal practice?
It's very similar to my personality...........

Before you became a yoga teacher what did you do?
I was the director of "Pacifica Tourism" (my own company) promoting New Zealand and Australian Tourism in North America......

What do you love about teaching?
Making a difference, helping people to help themselves to the infinite power that is available to us!

What do you find challenging about teaching?
Balancing the teaching with other interests in life.....

Describe your ideal class as a teacher.
Everybody in the groove (it happens all the time)

Describe a class you would find challenging or difficult.
A challenging or difficult class occasionally comes along for me when someone has dragged a friend along that really doesn't want to be there. First you have to want to be healed - you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink......

Which teacher has the biggest impact on your practice?
That kind of a Yin/Yang thang......Baron Baptiste (Vinyasa Yoga) sometimes, Paul Grilley (Yin Yoga) other times.....Lately Shiva Rea inspired me some after attending her workshop in Singapore.

What was your most embarrasing moment in the studio as a teacher or a student?
My first class at a new studio in Vancouver......i completely forgot the sequence of postures. Luckily the students were ready to remind me what postures i had missed..... :)))

Where is the strangest place you have practised yoga?
On my kiteboard.....while riding it......

Aside from yoga what other interests do you have?
Kiteboarding junkie......

Describe your most profound yoga experience?
The Bikram Yoga Teacher Traning........yikes...

If your weren't a yoga teacher what would you be?
A pro kitesurfer.......of course :))

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