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Featured Teacher: Cassie

Cassie grew up with the sunny beaches and big waves of Sydney, Australia. Her passion for yoga was cultivated right here at Pure, where she experienced her first yoga class! Since then, it is pure joy and delight that has kept her practising -- and now, teaching.

Where are you originally from?
Sydney's sunny beaches in Australia

How long have you been teaching?
Just over 6 months

Who was your very first yoga teacher and what was he/she like?
My first yoga experience was here in Hong Kong at Pure - I can't remember which teacher taught the first class I attended. The first teacher I felt an affiliation with was Frances, both for her warmth and inspiration, as much as her knowledge and discipline.

How long have you been practising?
I kind of flirted with the practice for my first 2 years in Hong Kong, but took up a more regular practice at the beginning of last year, so 18 months.

Originally, what attracted you to yoga?
I initially came to yoga with fitness and health-orientated goals, but what has kept me coming back is something I'm still trying to put words around. Yoga leaves me with a sense of peace and contentment, of gratitude and empowerment. It fills me with a sense of delight, the way a good song can take your breath away.

What motivates you to practise today?
I want to experience more delight!

How would you describe your personal practice?
Overall I like to mix it up, but right now I am focused on building strength and flexibility (with sensitivity, as my hamstrings keep reminding me!!) because I want to be able to take my students to the fun and playful stages of yoga asana that a more advanced practice can lead you to. Right now I predominantly follow our wonderful friend and teacher here in Hong Kong, Patrick Creelman, for his wild rides in the yoga room.

Before you became a yoga teacher, what did you do?
I was a corporate property advisor.

What do you love about teaching?
The relationship that develops in the room during the practice with the students.

What do you find challenging about teaching?
I get carried away and talk too much… I'd like to be able to find the perfect words and express the instruction in a way that helps the student to feel it, not just do it. I'm working on it…

Describe your ideal class (as a teacher).
See the two answers directly above, mix them both up to equal a wonderful connection to the students in the room, where I deliver the perfect instruction and they all leave feeling amazing.

Describe a class that you would find challenging or difficult (as a teacher).
If there is a student who really doesn't want to be there, that is challenging.

What teacher has had the biggest impact on your practice?
Patrick, my friend, I am so very grateful.

What is your most embarrassing moment in the studio (as a teacher or student)?
Attending a Hot class as a student and fading away after the first few postures… it was an hour and a half class and I was lying on the mat in a puddle of hung-over-dehydration almost the entire time. Totally ashamed.

Where is the strangest place you've practised yoga?
I dunno … on an airplane…? A few subtle asanas above the Pacific Ocean to get the blood moving.

Aside from yoga, what other hobbies or interests do you have?
Singing, travelling.

Describe your most profound yoga experience.
Yoga teacher training - it was life-changing. Six weeks with a bunch of amazing people - we developed such a strong community. I feel so blessed.

If you weren't a yoga teacher, what would you be?
Bored and frustrated.

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