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Barje : A career woman and her yoga master

Barje : A career woman and her yoga master

I am a career woman who have practiced yoga for a few years for pretty shallow reasons -"health and beauty".

I started private lessons 9 months ago with the only objective to learn to do the two poses I never managed to do - head stand and lotus. Never did I know then I was entering the "real" world of yoga which is not about what I can do with my body, but what I can do with my mind.

This blog is the journey of a materialistic business woman who begins to discover the world of yoga from her spiritual, calm, and disciplined yoga master.

01.07.11 Best Years of My Life
One day, out of the blue, master asked me which were the best years of my life. Without second thought, I heard myself saying "my thirties". Since then I have been thinking why I gave that answer and if that was really true. From a "worldly" point of view, nobody can argue that it was not. I was young, pretty, full of energy, newly wed, with a career flying high. Fancy restaurants and wardrobes full of designers labels, happy and worry-free. What more could I ask for?

But today when I look back, I cannot recall what I have gained for myself, my true self in those years. I now realise I need much much less (worldly items) than I have accumulated, I realise I need to know much much more about myself, others, the world, and life. Has yoga changed me? Is yoga going to change my life? Which really are the best years of my life? Then? Now? Or yet to come? Which are the best years of your life?
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The best year of my life should be now. The right timing has arrived that I am able to break the chain of suffering and abuse in my life.
I have been practicing yoga asana for 4 years now. Did practice yoga asana change my life? Not sure. I don't know what keep me going to practice but I am still practicing EVERYDAY.

Posted by: alison | 2011-07-01 18:46:12

Hi alison, I feel really happy for you that you think the best years of your life is now. There is no better feeling than this, isn't it? I tend to believe that the best years of my life is now also, but I wish it is yet to come.

Posted by: Barje | 2011-07-04 23:49:47

Although I am by no means young, i would like to think that the best years are yet to come. Sure there have been times that life has been good but I think the best times will come when one is really happy and at peace with oneself and to really find your true self. Will Yoga help? I don't know...we shall see...

Posted by: Clueless | 2011-07-11 12:50:47

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