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Barje : A career woman and her yoga master

Barje : A career woman and her yoga master

I am a career woman who have practiced yoga for a few years for pretty shallow reasons -"health and beauty".

I started private lessons 9 months ago with the only objective to learn to do the two poses I never managed to do - head stand and lotus. Never did I know then I was entering the "real" world of yoga which is not about what I can do with my body, but what I can do with my mind.

This blog is the journey of a materialistic business woman who begins to discover the world of yoga from her spiritual, calm, and disciplined yoga master.

08.08.11 Eat the Yogic Way
When it comes to food, I always feel sorry for my yoga master who mainly cares about what he can eat and not what he loves to eat. To me it is unimaginable that someone would put food on such low priority in one's everyday life. For us Chinese, food plays a really important role in our culture and meals play a vital role in a family. I grew up in a family where every dish is regarded as an art and food is a source of inspiration and creativity. We don't necessarily have to have expensive dishes but we would always create a delicacy from even the most common ingredients.

Ever since I started practicing yoga, unconsciously my diet has become more and more simple, but not more "casual". I would still rather starve myself than settle for junk/fast food, or better say a meal cooked without sincerity. Cooking and the enjoyment of food are inspirations to me and I still prefer varieties to "mono" (vegetarian). Master would sometimes try to preach me on the idea of ahimsa and said that being a vegan would help to escalate yoga practice to a higher level. The notion of a higher state of yoga practice is tempting and I have no doubt that vegetarian cooking can also be inspiring and creative, but I think it will take a while for me to "undo" my passion for so many kinds of good food.

Yogis say that in both food and yoga practices, it's essential to remain alive, conscious, and present in the moment. As a food-lover, this is never a challenge for me. I hope that as I continue to practice yoga, an intuitive sense of what is right for my body and soul will emerge.
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During one of my early class i discussed with yoga master if good yoga practicioner need to be vegetarian. He said for the extreme case real yogis no need to eat anything but they can breath and get the nutrition from air! My first reaction was felt so sorry for yogis, how can they lead a happy life without food, even vegetarian food.
Master said yogis pursuing different kind of fulfillment in life....i think they are, probably yogis feel sorry for people like me who always find enjoyment on good food.

Posted by: Linby | 2011-08-10 17:52:41

Yes Linby I think we will be changed by yoga practice someday and will be satisfied with the pursuance of other fulfillments in life than enjoyment of food. Before we reach that stage, let's enjoy as much good food as possible now...

Posted by: Barje | 2011-08-12 00:06:22

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