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Barje : A career woman and her yoga master

Barje : A career woman and her yoga master

I am a career woman who have practiced yoga for a few years for pretty shallow reasons -"health and beauty".

I started private lessons 9 months ago with the only objective to learn to do the two poses I never managed to do - head stand and lotus. Never did I know then I was entering the "real" world of yoga which is not about what I can do with my body, but what I can do with my mind.

This blog is the journey of a materialistic business woman who begins to discover the world of yoga from her spiritual, calm, and disciplined yoga master.

27.11.11 A Mantra to Memorise for Life
Om Sahana Vavatu (may the lord nourish us)
Sahanau Bhunaktu (may the lord protect us)
Saha Viryam Karvavahai (let us put our efforts together)
Tejas Vinav Dhitamastu (may our efforts bring light to the world)
Maa Vidvishav Hai (may we never quarrel with each other)

I swore to myself that I will never forget this mantra and its meanings, for the feeling of letting someone down is unbearable.

It all started on a Sunday morning when this mantra was sung at the beginning of the class as always. Master had explained to the class numerous times the meaning of the mantra line by line before, and very often he would also ask us to do so. That Sunday he asked us one after the other to explain the meanings to the class, and when he asked me to I failed. I felt so very bad on the spot and was angry at myself for many days. To end the commotion, I decided to put it on my blog to ensure that I will never forget it.
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