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We are all students of life and Yoga puts us in contact with who we truly are - beyond our wildest imagination, expectations and fears - and hopefully instils an integration of something that is uncluttered by our conditioning, something that is real at all times. But we live in a world of ups and downs, time and space, name and form so any definition we give to Yoga will naturally be coloured by our environment, exposure and context. I feel grateful to Pure Yoga for the invitation to join their Teaching Faculty. But I'm first and foremost a student of Yoga who lives nine months of the year in Mysore, India where I study Sanskrit and Yoga, and where the legendary T. Krisnamacharya began to teach Pattabhi Jois, BKS Iyengar, Indra Devi etc.

All of these blogs may be personal reflections, wild ramblings and fancy, but they will also give an account of interviews with other Yoga teachers, as well as common practitioners and seekers of Yoga. Yoga displays a great diversity all over the world, but hopefully in our shared efforts to articulate it, maybe we can all become a little wiser to what the great heritage of Yoga truly has to offer us?

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11.07.08 Manila Who would imagine?
So the conference came and went and did we actually get to awaken any consciousness in the process? Well, in between shopping, catching up with friends, networking and running between classes? Possibly. The faculty certainly presented us with many gems on how to become a little more aware of the many fluctuations of the body and mind, but in short it was a big yoga party and at good parties there are always something for every liking, it's just a matter of how we can appreciate the great variety on offer. Let's hope next year will be equally interesting, because yoga is on the surge here in Hong Kong and I'm pretty sure we've only seen the surface of a monster or a healing enterprise that will bring a new bounce into this city. Time will tell and let's hope it will make us more conscious and conscientious rather than conspicuous and cunning. Yoga is certainly fascinating and we're all part of the making and breaking of it.

Have met up with my son in Manila who due to the great favor of a friend who runs Pulse Yoga here has offered him a job for the summer! They were short with staff and needed somebody to teach some general classes. He thought his first class today and we're all just getting over the shock. Him and I actually went to our first yoga class together, but let's just say I've been a little more regular with the practice than he's been, but back in January when our friend proposed the offer the only requirement she kept was that he would keep a steady practice for at least 3-4 times a week. I just laughed and said forget about it, but when he came a couple of days ago he was more vibrant than ever and had a cheekier smile than I've seen in a long time. "What you've been up to I asked", asked him. "You know me", he said, "a bit of this and that, just hanging out". My mind immediately started spinning and I kept wondering what kind of mischief he'd gotten into, but then his focus was so clear and his gaze steadier than ever so whatever he'd done I figured it was good. So we left it with that, but the cheeky smile still lingered and when he finally came to class yesterday I realized why. He actually did keep up the practice and prepared himself for the summer job and today when he taught a class he was simply amazing. Although a little nervous and shaky at first, he exposed himself completely and whatever shortcomings was there didn't really matter, cause we were all drawn into his light hearted attitude about "Hey I don't really know what I'm doing, but I know a few moves and I'll share it with ya all? And so he did and that was really all there was to it. He seemed to have a little experience, it seemed genuine and I guess it comes from keeping steady in his practice. Or possibly from just being a cocky teenager, regardless I'm thoroughly impressed!
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Yey!!!! Way to go benjamin! That's so cool! I want to take his class! Miss his Uttitha Hasta Padanhustasana and him chuckling in the front of Mysore class. Come back to HK soon Benjamin and teach me!
Love Always,

Posted by: Tiana | 2008-07-13 17:24:10


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