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Class Summary

日期:10th May 2012
時間:8:00 pm
課堂時間:60 分鐘


Before discovering Yoga, Rene taught scuba diving, sailing and English in Asia and Europe. Other than the physical training required during his year in the Norwegian Army (like Singapore's National Service), Rene seldom exercised. Later, the work as a dive instructor kept him fit and trim with no need to think about fitness - carrying scuba equipment and swimming every day keeps you strong. After leaving diving and moving to Bangkok to teach English and later work in an office, Rene discovered the need to exercise - a picture of himself brought out the truth… he was putting on too much weight! Luckily he discovered Hot Yoga and found an instant affinity for it.

Although his mother had practised Hatha Yoga for over 30 years, it wasn't until he discovered Hot Yoga that he finally got into Yoga. It's the concentration and physical determination required in class that keeps him dedicated. After completing the Bikram Teacher Training in Los Angeles, Rene taught in West Palm Beach, Florida, before returning to Bangkok. After a year of teaching Hot Yoga in Bangkok, he moved to Singapore in 2006 to teach at Absolute Yoga. In 2008 he continued his teacher training with Louisa Sears during a wonderfully intensive month in Goa, India. Although Hot Yoga is his first love, Rene loves to practise and teach Vinyasa-style classes because he can mix it up a bit more and experiment along with the students.

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