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           Dear Students - Please be informed that our studios will be closed at 5pm on Sunday 1 February for the Pure Annual Dinner. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your kind understanding.
Latest News
21.01.15 9th Annual Evolution Asia Yoga Conference
11 - 14 June 2015
Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Pure is a proud sponsor of this year's 9th Annual Evolution Asia Yoga Conference held at the Hong [more]

14.01.15 Donate your old mobile for a good cause!
We all have a few old or "no longer in use" mobile handsets lying around at home.
Why not put them [more]

12.01.15 Southside Shopping Spectacular!
Weekly Lucky Draw
Pure South - The Pulse
20 Dec 2014 – 15 Feb 2015
To celebrate our new hybrid concept studio opening in Repulse Bay, we're giving away amazing gifts [more]

09.01.15 Wellness. Reinvented.
Pure South – The Pulse
Now Open
Introducing a brand new concept that will reinvent everything you know about the Pure [more]

19.12.14 Pure Glitz and Glam Loyalty Party
Thursday 15 January
Welcome back! Join us for a sparkling New Year bash with fun, food and drinks at RED. Dress in your [more]

17.12.14 Langham Place is getting nood
These last few months have been very busy at nood. We're happy to announce that we've opened one [more]

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Pure Events Diary

29-3/2 HK Face Reading Workshop - Eric Standop
30-5/2 & 6-12/4 HK Yoga and Ayurveda Specialist (YAS): 200-Hour Teacher Training - Mas Vidal
31-1/2 TP Reiki Master Workshop - Joyce Thom
31-1/2 SG Chakras & Kundalini - Punam & Sandy

1 HK Living a Life of Joy Part 2- A Tantrik Exploration of Modern Hatha Yoga - Andy Willner
5-8 SG Face Reading - Eric Standop
8 TP Wall Rope Yoga - Veronique Tsui
13-15 SG Upeksha Yoga: Skills for a Radical Shift - Lawrence Pradhan
23-1/3 SG Hatha Yoga Pradipika: The Four-fold Path of Transforming the Body - Swami Muktibodhananda
27-1/3 HK The Power of Ashtanga Yoga - Kino MacGregor
27-8/3 HK Kuchipudi Immersion 2015 – Adavus, Keertana and Jatiswaram - Hari Om
28 HK Radiating Serenity from Inner Stillness - Anjan Kundu
28-8/4 HK 40-Day Personal Revolution - Tryphena Chia
28-7/3 SG Yoga in the Himalayas with Samresh Keshyap & Punam Rai

3-2/4 SHYoga Sutras meet Dao De Jing - Chops Hsu
6-8 HK Upeksha Yoga: Skills for a Radical Shift - Lawrence Pradhan
7-5/4 SG 30-day Hot Yoga Challenge - Rene Ekeheien
13-15 HK ​ Dharma Yoga - Dov Vargas
13-22 SH Pre & Post-natal Yoga Teacher Training - Samantha Chan
14-15 SG Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa™ - Dario Calvaruso
21-5/4 TP Evolve Yourself : 50-hr Counter Flow Immersion - Marcus Leung
20-22 SG Dharma Yoga - Dov Vargas
28-29 SG The Mechanics of Inversions and Arm Balances - Marysia Do
28-6/4 HK Navakarna Vinyasa Immersion Retreat & Yoga and Ayurveda Cultural Retreat - Dario Calvaruso

3-17/5 HK The Transformation - Samrat Dasgupta
11-19 SG Hot Yoga Master Immersion - Copper Crow

2-10 SG Vinyasa Yoga Master Immersion - Copper Crow
23-7/6 HK Evolve Yourself : 50-hr Counter Flow Immersion - Marcus Leung
30-8/6 HK Mindful Birth: 100-hour Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Teacher Training - Dr. Jean Byrne & Michelle Papa

4-10 HK Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher (YAT) 50-hour Teacher Training - Mas Vidal
15-5/7 SG 200 Hour ®Universal Yoga with Andrey Lappa and Copper Crow
18-28 SH 300-hr Teacher Training Module 1 - Patrick Creelman

2-12 HK 300-hr Teacher Training Module 1 - Patrick Creelman
30-8/8 SH 300-hr Teacher Training Module 2 - Patrick Creelman

5-20/12 HK Embrace Part-time Hot Yoga Teacher Training - Frances Gairns
7-27 HK 300-hr Teacher Training Module 2 - Patrick Creelman
7-27 SG200-hr HOT YOGA Teacher Training - Copper Crow
18-27 TP Pre- & Post-natal Teacher Training - Samantha Chan
26-6/12HK Vinyasa Teacher Training Tryphena Chia

1-9 SG Pre- & Post-natal Teacher Training - Michelle Papa
8-18 SH 300-hr Teacher Training Module 3 - Patrick Creelman
10-19 SG Vinyasa Teacher Training Part 1 - Tryphena Chia

4-8 HK Yoga Self-Realization Immersion - Andrei Ram
11-15 SGYoga Self-Realization Immersion - Andrei Ram

12-21 SG Vinyasa Teacher Training Part 2 - Tryphena Chia

Instructors on Leave
Andy 8 January - 12 January
Bruce 15 January - 19 January
Deva 24 January - 28 January
Gopal 10 January - 31 January
Helene 29 January -31 January
Hilda 19 December - 15 February
Jane 8 January - 12 January
Jayan 16 January - 7 February
Kay 14 January - 18 January
Keiki 25 January - 7 February
Margaret 1 January - 31 January
Monica 2 January - 11 January
Robert 8 January - 12 January
Tryphena 5 January - 12 January

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