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We are all students of life and Yoga puts us in contact with who we truly are - beyond our wildest imagination, expectations and fears - and hopefully instils an integration of something that is uncluttered by our conditioning, something that is real at all times. But we live in a world of ups and downs, time and space, name and form so any definition we give to Yoga will naturally be coloured by our environment, exposure and context. I feel grateful to Pure Yoga for the invitation to join their Teaching Faculty. But I'm first and foremost a student of Yoga who lives nine months of the year in Mysore, India where I study Sanskrit and Yoga, and where the legendary T. Krisnamacharya began to teach Pattabhi Jois, BKS Iyengar, Indra Devi etc.

All of these blogs may be personal reflections, wild ramblings and fancy, but they will also give an account of interviews with other Yoga teachers, as well as common practitioners and seekers of Yoga. Yoga displays a great diversity all over the world, but hopefully in our shared efforts to articulate it, maybe we can all become a little wiser to what the great heritage of Yoga truly has to offer us?

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02.08.08 Manila The destruction of a mind
Rage is never worth hanging on to. Way too easily it consumes us like and insatiable fire and before long our mind is in a miserable state where we loose our direction and focus, due to the mood swings that soon has us escalating like an yoyo. In theory we all know this and loosing our calm always backfires, but ah when it comes to the practicality of things how easily we slip, or at least I do.

Last weekend I went for a little trip outside of Manila, when I came back my lap top and other things were stolen from the room I'm staying in. The complexity of the situation is that it is almost impossible that it could have been an outsider's job and all the evidence point to a resident of the house having committed the crime. So naturally I'm furious for being violated in an environment where you trust somebody.

The real tragedy is of course that not have I've lost my computer, with my whole life in it and three months of hard work without back-up. That I can live with, but to be violated in your private room from people you trusted is shattering. So in a flare of anger I started my own little private investigation, but that unfortunately only made matter worse. Now the residents of this grand mansion are treating each other with suspicion and keep wondering: "Who did this vile act? Who would stoop down to such a base level and deliberately steal what is not theirs?"

Questions keep spinning in my own mind and I reflect on having a few brushes with the law as a teenager doing some stupid stuff. That was because I didn't know any better and due to the arrogance, the people in our gang thought we were above the law. So we did whatever we wanted and naturally left a lot of harm and destruction in our path. But as I reflect on it some decades later we were the ones that really suffered in the long run. For the main simple reason that we became so heroically ignorant to what really matter and lost all sense of dignity, integrity and greater perceptivity to the subtle aspects of life and our being. So naturally many years of misery followed, not lacking anything materially, but being so helplessly lost and being caught up in a dark pit of ignorance, the state of our own minds was so troubled that there was no concept of steadiness of being, centeredness from within, and hence we kept seeking outside of ourselves for some 'kicks' and 'highs' that would make our lives a little more stimulating and exciting. For the very simple reason that having to deal with our own issues of coming to terms with our frustration and anger, feeling lost and being overwhelmed with stupidity was simply overwhelming, so it was easier to be shocking and rebellious.

Unfortunately many of my friends from that time escalated out of control. Many of them died from drug overdoses, some got shot or stabbed, killed themselves or were subject to various accidents. Those that are still alive goes in and out of jail like being part of a recreation club where they can come and calm down a little from the many frustrations they encounter in trying to live a 'normal' life.

So what happened to this little person called "I", why did I not meet a similar fate? Well there is probably a lot of luck involved and due to very fortunate reasons I soon became confronted with whether I wanted to be an active contributor to good or an active contributor to my further misery. Although I didn't know the full extent of my own misery at the time, my fortunate circumstances quickly taught me that when we live cunningly our own mind becomes ruined, but when we do our best to find our place in the greater harmony of things, by following certain principles of proper moral conduct, great is our reward, because we come to realize we are part of a greater whole, that sustains us and support us like a caring Mother when we abide by it's principles of universal rigtheousness. When we go against it we cause our own ruin and our mind becomes spoiled to perceive what really matters; the laws of karma and universality of truth.
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Alex, I can understand your frustration for this disaster. Years ago I used to press a wrong key to format my harddisk which carried lots of my beautiful collections and memories including unread long emails from a very close friend who visited lots of 3rd nations speaking out their necessities and the sufferings and she died suddenly in a car accident! It is always something we put it aside somewhere keeping ourselves busy with the higher priority stuff taking it for granted they are available anytime anywhere.

But Alex as you always say things in the material world is never permanent. The thief took your beautiful pieces of work but never your knowledge. It's perhaps a god's call to empty out to welcome some new wisdom!

We look forward to reading your beautiful articles!

Posted by: Juvane | 2008-08-03 13:48:24

All well and good Alex but imagine how great it would feel to catch the thief and give them a good kicking!

Posted by: Zen | 2008-08-04 17:16:57

oh alex, that is awful, i'm really sorry and i totally feel for you. have had my home broken into twice - once in london and once in hong kong - both times my laptop stolen. in london i was a student and all my work was on the computer. very frustrating. but it seems like you are getting a very good perspective on it. love jools

Posted by: jools | 2008-08-07 18:34:43

So what was the end result here? Did you recover your goods or stolen for good?

I was very sorry to hear this.....but you certainly were making the best perspective.


Posted by: Heather | 2008-08-11 20:16:25

I recall reading in the newspaper once or twice about people who have had family members murdered. On a few occasions, I recall the family members saying that they will forgive the perpetrator. I wonder how someone can show such compassion when they have taken away the life of a loved one.

Sometimes I am rather too idealistic in my views (my mind is molded/corrupted but this materialistic world I live in), but I think if you can take a step back, practice deep meditation, I think you will be able to forgive whoever did this to you. If you look deep, maybe you will see/experience that what you perceive to have lost, you will gain in strength.

We have the freedom to choose how to react to such situations. The freedom to see things from the pespective we choose. See the positivity in what happened.

Good luck...


Posted by: Bryan | 2008-08-12 17:27:46

Interesting comment....because if you saw the lastest headline regarding the Austrailain woman murdered in Delhi in 2004, there was a remark made my a friend of the woman murdered. He said that she would have forgiven the people that killed her...that's the kind of woman she was.

The two men involved were sentenced to death yesterday actually. Brutal murder....and very scary....The woman had travelled to India many many times and was on her way to a meditation course.

Posted by: Heather | 2008-08-13 20:14:49

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