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We are all students of life and Yoga puts us in contact with who we truly are - beyond our wildest imagination, expectations and fears - and hopefully instils an integration of something that is uncluttered by our conditioning, something that is real at all times. But we live in a world of ups and downs, time and space, name and form so any definition we give to Yoga will naturally be coloured by our environment, exposure and context. I feel grateful to Pure Yoga for the invitation to join their Teaching Faculty. But I'm first and foremost a student of Yoga who lives nine months of the year in Mysore, India where I study Sanskrit and Yoga, and where the legendary T. Krisnamacharya began to teach Pattabhi Jois, BKS Iyengar, Indra Devi etc.

All of these blogs may be personal reflections, wild ramblings and fancy, but they will also give an account of interviews with other Yoga teachers, as well as common practitioners and seekers of Yoga. Yoga displays a great diversity all over the world, but hopefully in our shared efforts to articulate it, maybe we can all become a little wiser to what the great heritage of Yoga truly has to offer us?

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25.08.08 Stockholm Thank You
A long silence indeed. Partly to do with the loss of my Mac, partly to do with being lazy! But a neglect of duties always leaves me with a strong feeling of annoyance. Most definitely towards myself, for backing out and not embracing the many great opportunities to portray the many miraculous moments of life I had the great occasion to do for these last two years. Last month has certainly been full of them, but due to personal reasons my contract with Pure is coming to an end in September. It has been great working for Pure and I've certainly learnt a whole lot, but other responsibilities are calling and its time to move on. But before this transition happens I've many people to thank:

First of all Colin and Paveena for keeping this huge machinery of Pure Yoga afloat with their various visions, then all the people in the head office who work so hard behind the scenes to execute all the operations. Then all the cleaners and receptionists who look after the daily running of the studios, and finally - all the teachers who present this thing called yoga to all the members at the various studios. Many of you've I've never even met, but regardless, to all of you a big Thank You. It has certainly been exciting being part of this whole Pure industry. The last word is definitely not meant as a pun, but for all of you who criticize Pure Yoga and say their success have come too easily, think again! It comes from hard work, strong ethics and the pure intentions. Ok there is certainly a business element to all yoga centers these days, but as long as Pure is run with the best motives, it will certainly continue to be one of the most successful yoga centers in the world.

As far as my work with them goes I hope it can continue in some form or the other. At present I'm in Sweden and wrapping up a course here next week. Then I'm finally off to the home grounds of Norway for some quiet time in the mountains with some good friends to focus on some other work. If I can still find access to this blog I'll certainly continue to post a few comments now and then, at least for another few weeks, if my previous employers will let me.

Thank you for your time,

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Namaste Alexji

Your blog will be missed...but like life which is a long journey..am sure we will meet again soon enuf :)..

with ref to your previous blog "So naturally I'm furious for being violated in an environment where you trust somebody"...AHH!!! how many of us have not felt this way..but with much stillness within am sure it will be swept away :)..


Posted by: Namaste | 2008-08-25 11:51:18

dear alex, I am not a regular student to your class but attended your workshop once at MK this year and loveeeeed it. Such a playful and informative class. Your departure is a loss to the HK "yoga" community. Hoping you'll find what you're looking for and happy always!!

Posted by: Lisa | 2008-08-25 14:00:14

Dear Teacher Alex,
I love those articles you wrote and really learned a lot from there.
Thanks !
Take a good care !


Posted by: Pancy | 2008-08-25 16:46:41

Alex, thank you for your posts, and please if you start blogging from some other space let us know, I really enjoy reading your stories because they bring so much experience and depth... for a beginner like myself they are a gem

Hope you remember us and keep writting :-)

Posted by: Claudia | 2008-08-26 03:33:40

Now, how am I ever going to structure my thoughts with you not writing any more blogs!!!

Please keep in touch. And please do continue to share your thoughts, experiences and questions.


Posted by: Heather | 2008-08-27 16:50:23

.....the blogging champion retreating back to his viking roots... i really enjoyed the debate at EV. with JF, MW, AL, AF and what was the other guys name? Gr8 to see how you handled the debate.....15 seconds....
keep your warrior persona and viking sword of light....and light up the sky brother ;-)

Posted by: hanoi | 2008-08-27 22:54:27

Dear alex
as a beginner i take a lot inspiration from you with me,,i hope you will be back at Pure sometime so i can learn more and more

Posted by: latanje | 2008-08-28 11:52:14

Hey Alex
You have had a big impact on many people in many ways including myself, I loved our many conversations and the way they would twist and turn much like life it's self! Enjoy life, enjoy the world, enjoy the journey! :-)

Posted by: Bob Neville | 2008-08-28 18:09:27

My first reaction is one of sadness that you are "leaving" us. But if I may say so, yoga is also about making us better beings, and in doing so to make the world a better place.

I have faith that though your are no longer here with us, you are continuing on your wonderful journey to spread the love, philosophy and wisdom of life and yoga. And for that I am both happy and grateful.

I look forward to reading from your blogs, books, email - and thank you so much for inspiring me.


Posted by: Bryan | 2008-08-29 13:22:47

Looking forward to reading more of your blogs and insight. Good Stuff. Namaste. -John. www.theashramyoga.com.

Posted by: John B. | 2008-10-23 03:08:52

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Posted by: salenics | 2010-07-15 17:48:25


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