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Alex: Tracing the Source

We are all students of life and Yoga puts us in contact with who we truly are - beyond our wildest imagination, expectations and fears - and hopefully instils an integration of something that is uncluttered by our conditioning, something that is real at all times. But we live in a world of ups and downs, time and space, name and form so any definition we give to Yoga will naturally be coloured by our environment, exposure and context. I feel grateful to Pure Yoga for the invitation to join their Teaching Faculty. But I'm first and foremost a student of Yoga who lives nine months of the year in Mysore, India where I study Sanskrit and Yoga, and where the legendary T. Krisnamacharya began to teach Pattabhi Jois, BKS Iyengar, Indra Devi etc.

All of these blogs may be personal reflections, wild ramblings and fancy, but they will also give an account of interviews with other Yoga teachers, as well as common practitioners and seekers of Yoga. Yoga displays a great diversity all over the world, but hopefully in our shared efforts to articulate it, maybe we can all become a little wiser to what the great heritage of Yoga truly has to offer us?

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04.09.08 Oslo Finding the Source
Tracing the source and the various reflections on this blog is coming to a close. I'm back in the city I grew up and catching up with friends and relatives who I've kept sporadic contact with since I left as a teenager. Some old friends are still struggling with life, others have become "successful", but in the greater scheme of things they are all the same trying to figure things out and make greater sense of this thing called life. Unfortunately some escape it with drugs, others are just busy making money and a few genuine individuals are trying their best to be a better human being. They don't' necessarily do much yoga, but they care for the people around them, their environment and the very imprint they leave on the society. How they can stand up for what is good, right and just and avoid the destructive patterns that cause further misery, pain and growing frustration. The real giants are of course the ones that dear to love, are sensitive enough to care, tactile enough to treat the needs of other people in par with their own and strong enough to let other people see us for what we are rather than we want to be.

So what have I found out in these last years of searching for yoga? Certainly that it is complex and most definitely that it is very hard to define it, but as we approach things slowly and steadily, one step at the time, something awakens within us. If it is real it is neither intoxicating nor full of vivid visions, more like an enchanted scent that leaves a feeling of elevation as you comes closer to it and can embody it a little better. From that greater clarity arises and improved focus on what really matters.

As far as my own tradition goes it is very hard to trace a source of an obscure past and find clarity with what is real when things are always changing according to humans interacting with it. As in everything in life, some are genuine, some are not, some use yoga for their own personal material benefits, others interact with yoga to transform themselves and awaken to something that is real at all times. We all go about things according to our own capability and understanding, but in our improved sensitivity to embrace what is true, greater our insight and greater our freedom to embrace life as it is rather than how we want it to be. From that come greater healing and an increased sense of harmony on all levels. The only thing that really matters in the end is that we remain sensitive and choose to act for what is good. Stand up for what is good, embrace the good and continue to act out our duties whatever responsibilities we are given. These acts are our doorway to greater clarity on all levels. In life as well as yoga, our actions refine us. So honorable friends and colleagues; Spread the good and do the good and goodness will prevail.

I'm off for some weeks to walk in the Norwegian mountains and try to do a bit of good work. After that I plan to come back to Hong Kong. To make it my home, live a simple life, cut back on all the travels and most important at all; dear to love and be loved. But my engagement with Pure is over for now. So for all of you I had the privilege to meet: "Thank You"

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It's great to hear that you will come back to Hong Kong and make it YOUR home!

Posted by: alison | 2008-09-01 18:37:20

Dear Alex,

How're you? I am glad that you are having a good time with your love one back Home. Hope you will share something good with us when you are back to Hong Kong.



Posted by: cd710 | 2008-09-06 21:32:53

Good Ram,
Even if we made it without you, you should see
Do or Die-08, the autoportrait shortfilm of mine.
To believe there is power in doing something good
For someone is correct. Do it! ;0) greetings Ragnar Go'hjerta

Posted by: ragnar go'hjerta | 2008-09-07 04:31:17

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