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Class Summary

Date:2nd Apr 2012
Time:12:30 pm
Duration:60 minutes
Class type:Hatha 1
Class description:A static practice of long hold asana varying from class to class teacher to teacher with all kinds of poses, pranayama exercises, chanting, meditation and mindful relaxation. The intensity is graded by levels 1 - beginner; 2 -mixed/ intermediate; 3 - advanced
Class level: Beginners to All levels


Heidi was born and raised in Hong Kong, and completed her Iyengar Yoga teacher training at Yogalimbs. Her teaching focus is based on alignment to build up a good foundation, but most importantly, Heidi believes that the practice is about having fun and enjoying every moment.

Before teaching yoga, she was a personal trainer for 7 years. She had always enjoyed strong and powerful exercises like weight training, kick-boxing, running, tennis, etc. One day in 2005, her curiosity about yoga was piqued. So, she took a trial class at Pure Yoga and felt so amazing afterwards that she's been hooked ever since! Compared to gym training and sports exercise, Yoga provided Heidi with a more distinctive experience of peace and harmony. That day marked the beginning of Heidi's yoga journey and path of transformation. She became more patient and caring towards others, and gained greater awareness of herself and the joy of life. Heidi wishes to share this passion and blissful experience with all.

View this week's schedule for Heidi at:

Lincoln House
Asia Standard Tower

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