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Class Summary

Date:27th Apr 2012
Time:12:30 pm
Duration:60 minutes
Class type:Hatha 1
Class description:A static practice of long hold asana varying from class to class teacher to teacher with all kinds of poses, pranayama exercises, chanting, meditation and mindful relaxation. The intensity is graded by levels 1 - beginner; 2 -mixed/ intermediate; 3 - advanced
Class level: Level 1

Edward C

Edward C
Edward has been teaching yoga at well-known studios since 2006. He cherishes every moment with his students and believes that we can learn something new every day. Thus, he optimises any opportunity for self-improvement, such as joining yoga workshops to enhance his practice and share his acquired knowledge with others.

He always reminds himself of the words from his gurus David Life & Sharon Gannon - "Regardless of the time, thing and place, you can learn from nature. Provided that you use your eyes to watch and your heart to feel, the ultimate truth and yoga is just in front of you."

Edward is passionate about yoga sharing with his students, so he is extremely grateful to all his gurus who have shared with him - Will Lau, Patrick Creelman, Jules Frebes, Stephen Thomas, Joakim Olin, Babyji, Michel Besnard & Lily Dizon.

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Lincoln House

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