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Class Summary

Date:17th Apr 2012
Time:11:00 am
Duration:60 minutes
Class type:Dheesan
Class description:"Dheesan" in Sanskrit means to be granted with intelligence.

This intense practice is designed to improve your flexibility, strength, endurance and most importantly, intelligence. The focus of this class is not the postures but the steps towards them. A flow of sub-basic postures will take you to some exhilarating advanced postures, including intensive twists, backbends and inversions. Directed to think for each pose, you will progress to find your own way to the postures, from basic alignment to refinement.

A series of deep stretching exercises will open up your major joints and release accumulated tension in muscles and emotional blockage. The dynamic nature of this class will also elevate your mood and refresh your mind. This class challenges students to stretch their limit and remove fear.
Class level: Level 2

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