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Class Summary

Date:2nd Apr 2012
Time:7:00 am
Duration:60 minutes
Class type:Power 1
Class description:A powerful and energising class that incorporate Sun Salutations and challenging poses to elevate the heart rate and create strength in the body. Knowledge of basic postures and some experience in yoga is recommended
Class level: Level 1


The seed of yoga was planted inside of Dana as a child when she received a colourful, illustrated, yoga book from her mother. She remembers instantly falling in love with Yoga - and practising yoga asanas on her living room carpet became a sweet childhood memory. Little did she know that this seed of yoga would grow and bring her to Pure Yoga one day.

Dana drifted away from yoga during her rebellious teenage years, but it resurfaced again later in life when she most needed it. For her, the original physical exercise has evolved into a practice that stabilises her emotions and lightens her spirit. Completing her teacher trainings with Patrick Creelman and Desiree Rumbaugh has further opened her eyes and mind. "I've come to realise that Yoga is an art of living that leads us into peace and happiness. I am passionate about sharing my experience of Yoga and my love of life with my students."

View this week's schedule for Dana at:

Soundwill Plaza
Pure South - The Pulse

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