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Class Summary

Date:28th May 2012
Time:10:00 am
Duration:60 minutes
Class type:Hot Hour
Class description:A condensed version of the Hot 1 class. A set sequence of basic poses, taught in a heated room. Excellent for developing strength, balance and flexibility while toning, detoxifying and relieving tension. Ideal for beginners.
Class level: Level 1


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Frances has been practicing Hatha Yoga for 10 years, and hot yoga since the first Pure Yoga studio opened in 2002. She has spent a lot of her life training and competing - waterskiing, netball, weight training, hockey, swimming, running, snowskiing and tennis, have all been passions. Yoga is instrumental in guiding her personal growth, something she constantly works on. In her personal asana practice, she is currently exploring the importance of the breath. Frances counts as her teachers: Paul Grilley, David Swenson, Michel Besnard, Bikram Choudhury and Jimmy Barkan, as well as every teacher she has taken classes from and every student who has joined her classes. In her spare time, she is the editor of Namaskar, a local quarterly yoga publication. She teaches Hot, Power, Ashtanga, Hatha and Yin in English and Cantonese.

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