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Class Summary

Date:9th Apr 2012
Time:3:45 pm
Duration:60 minutes
Class type:Gentle Flow
Class description:A gentle, flowing practice. Slow, restorative and breath-based. Prior yoga experience recommended.
Class level: Gentle

Michael M

Michael M
Michael hails from San Diego, California and was introduced to Yoga and Meditation (TM) from a neighbor by the name of Clark Prestwood (former navy seal Captain and triathlon competitor). He was 16 years old at the time and spent many years snowboarding and skateboarding, only to incur numerous injuries as a result.

His journey into yoga has seen him practising since 2002 and he feels life has been better than ever since. Some of the biggest changes and benefits Michael has experienced include better quality of life due to stress-relief and greater ability to realise one's full potential.

Michael is honoured to share his learning and will continue to develop his practice so that he has more to offer others. He has studied with teachers who include Kristyan Stjerne (SanDiego), Bikram Choudry (Beverly Hills), and Vinne Marino (Santa Monica).

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