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Class Summary

Date:2nd May 2012
Time:6:00 pm
Duration:60 minutes
Class type:Hatha Mixed
Class description:A mixed level Hatha practice. The Mixed-Level class is for any student who has prior yoga experience.
Class level: Level 2


Ashutosh Kusumakar hails from India and has been teaching yoga since 2002. His first yoga teacher was from Australia - called Yoga Jyoti, or the Flame of Yoga - and he says her name suited her personality: tall, full of life, compassionate and intuitive, understanding the potential and the limitations of her students.

Ashutosh went on to get a master's degree in Applied Yogic Science from the famous yoga university of Bihar Yoga Bharati. After completing his yogic studies under the guidance of his Master Swami Niranjanananda Sharaswati, Ashutosh started teaching a holistic approach of yoga to help his students incorporate the yoga spirit into their daily routine, and thus improving their quality of life.

Ashutosh says what happens on the mat is only a portion of a yogi's practice. It's also important to carry with us at all times the awareness that we gain there, and become an observer of our behaviour and actions. For him, yoga practice is a holistic affair.

His work has taken him through India, Hong Kong and Macau to teach and conduct yoga workshops. He loves to share his knowledge of yoga, helping students gain peace and enhance their lives, which gives him great satisfaction.

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