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Class Summary

Date:12th Apr 2012
Time:7:00 pm
Duration:75 minutes
Class type:SmartFlow
Class description:Energize and support your body, mind, and heart. The Mixed-Level class is for any student who has prior yoga experience. You will be led through a practice with attention to the attitude, alignment, and action of the pose.
Class level: Level 2

Michael L

Michael L
It was a snowy afternoon in the year of 1997, when driven by curiosity, Michael signed up for his first yoga class at the YMCA in Toronto, Canada. He felt happy after his first class because he was able to do a lot of weird poses that he had never imagined.

Since 2002, he has committed more seriously to practising yoga. For Michael, it has become a tool of self-discovery. He learned to appreciate his strengths while retaining his humility and he has come to graciously accept his weaknesses. While understanding his limitations, he continues to develop strategies for self-improvement and never gives up trying to achieve these goals.

With the sense of achievement that he gets from yoga, he has also learned to be mindful and compassionate, and seeks to motivate his students and others through this learning.

"The more I learn, the more I realise how little I actually know. Yoga is self-discovery. Consistent practice leads to self-improvement physically, mentally and spiritually. The idea of communicating and sharing with people brings me happiness - our true nature."

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