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Class Summary

Date:1st May 2012
Time:2:30 pm
Duration:60 minutes
Class type:Freestyle Dance
Class description:Evolving from the disco era, this dance focuses on choreography that is used often with today’s pop music – stylish, rhythmic, energetic and an excellent cardio workout. The steps are easy to follow and shed light on current dance styles, fusing moves from modern jazz and hip hop. Beginners’ classes are open to all levels, while the advanced sessions are more challenging and recommended only for those who have attended at least 20 beginners’ classes.
Class level: Level 1


Master Jagan was born to a family of traditional dancers. He began learning Kathak dance at the young age of 11 under the tutelage of the legendary Guru Sri Y. Yadagiri, Gopal Rao and Premeela Chowhan - an exponent of the true and traditional form of Kathak & folk dance. With their guidance, Jagan started performing at age 14 in various parts of India and has won competitions on the district, state and national levels.

His most prestigious achievements include participating in the 1994 and 1995 international Kathak dance festivals in Hyderabad with the likes of Pandit Gopi Krishna, Pandit Durgalal and other such great dance exponents. He obtained two diplomas - in Kathak Dance and Folk Arts respectively - from the Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University.

Jagan has his own dance school - Sri Sankeertana Fine Arts Academy in Hyderabad, India - which he started in 1996 when has was only 25. Since then he has trained thousands of aspiring dancers who have won laurels, awards and competitions throughout India. He came to Hong Kong in 2005, showcasing his repertoire of yoga dance to the city - Bollywood, Indian Dance, Classical Kathak, Semi-Classical Belly Dance, Salsa, Hip-Hop and Freestyle.

Beyond the world of dance, Jagan's vast experience covers such areas as - yoga therapy and Ayurveda massage under the guidance of Master Chandrakanth, who is a renowned yoga therapist in India; yoga studies with many famous masters including Master Kamal, Master Srinivas rao from Bihar School of Yoga, Master Brij Bhushan from Hanuman Vyamshala, School for Hyderabad; Ayurveda and Dhara massage from Dr. Sharma of the Kerala Massage Center in India.

View this week's schedule for Jagan at:

Langham Place Office Tower
Peninsula Office Tower

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