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Class Summary

Date:17th Jun 2012
Time:11:15 am
Duration:75 minutes
Class type:Yin
Class description:Exploring the body's subtle energies with long, deep stretching that focuses on the connective tissues of the body, and cultivates a peaceful and meditative mind.
Ideal for all levels.
Class level: Intermediate


Growing up in Meerut, India, Charat has been deeply rooted in the traditional practice of Yoga since the age of nine. He follows the traditional lineage practice of Akhand Yog (practice without break) based on the works of his Grand Guruji Swami Yogeshwaranand Saraswati (the author of Science of Soul). His early childhood experience of yoga lends him a rich perspective on the practices and teachings of yoga.

Charat has been involved in the teaching of Yoga in India since 1999 and has since travelled beyond India to share and teach Yoga in various cities in Asia and Europe. He has conducted various retreats and workshops in many countries to impart his extensive knowledge in Yoga Philosophy (such as PataƱjali's Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads etc.), Pranayama and Meditation to numerous students and has since inspired many onto a deeper path of Yoga practice.

Being a dedicated Yoga Practitioner, Charat incorporates the spiritual, philosophical and moral aspects of Yoga in his classes. His classes are fun, educational and tailored to the needs of the students of the class. He specialises in the use of breathing exercises (pranayama), yogic locks (bandhas) and concentration techniques (mudras) to cleanse the body and to enhance powers of concentration. Students will almost certainly leave his class with a deeper understanding of their practice, not to mention a big smile!

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