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10.07.14 Confection Affection – Touching the Heart of Children with Sweets
How did a mere number shatter a dream?

As Uday learnt the extortionate cost of his dream, USD [more]

04.07.14 Join Pure Apparel on Stretch Saturday!
Saturday 19 July 5pm – 6pm
Pure Yoga The Centrium
On Saturday, July 19, Hong Kong's finest yoga studios and yoga-friendly brands will join their [more]

30.06.14 Yoga Therapy with Vagish Arya
10.30 am – 12.30pm , 13 July
Pure Tower
Join Vagish in this informative yoga therapy workshop to enhance your health. With some easy [more]

09.06.14 Embrace the Heat - Hot Yoga Challenge
1 July – 15 August
Now is the time for the transformation you've been yearning for. The challenge of a daily practice [more]

06.06.14 June Beginner’s Workshops
12 & 26 June
Pure Tower & Urban One
This month's hour-long workshops will provide a general introduction as you take your very first [more]

06.06.14 Rise to Well-being Referral Programme
Now until 31 July
For every two referred friends who join Pure, you can receive an afternoon tea voucher for two [more]

05.06.14 Pure Tower Revamped for a Renewed Experience
Congratulations to the winners, and thank you so much to everyone for participating! All winners [more]

16.05.14 Mega Charity Flow Class with Neil Barker
3pm – 4.15pm 24 May
Urban One
A Flow/Vinyasa based class focusing on awakening the Jewel in the Lotus of the Heart, developing [more]

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Confection Affection – Touching the Heart of Children with Sweets

How did a mere number shatter a dream?

As Uday learnt the extortionate cost of his dream, USD 53,000, his jaw dropped in disappointment as he knew there was no way he could have that much money, but Daniel comforted him and told him he would do everything he could to make his dream come true.

Daniel, a.k.a. Yogiuday, is a Canadian-born yogi and entrepreneur who started XTC Gelato in Hong Kong. Perhaps lesser known but definitely no less influential is his humanitarian venture Yogi Yum Yums, which, through selling its hand-made confectionery, raises funds to support children's education in Rishikesh.

Uday is one of the many children supported by Yogi Yum Yums. He currently lives in a hostel called Ramana's Garden.

He was taken there when he was five because his family from a nearby mountain town was unable to support him, but luckily Ramana's Garden offered their help so Uday could have all the support he needed for early education, medical attention, healthy and sufficient food, etc.

Uday is a strong and positive young man. Despite his own misfortunes, he has never given up on life and gives back whenever he can. He is well respected in his community. He takes the initiative to help others with their chores, tutors younger kids and acts as a role model for others simply by being such a fine young man.

And this fine young man has a great dream. He dreams of becoming a pilot one day. He dreams of roaming the sky. And he dreams of taking people across the boundaries of the world. And yet his dream might not come to fruition because of a little problem - it costs USD53,000 to learn to become a pilot.

Yogiuday reached out to Pure for opportunities to help more people and we are really grateful we met. After learning about Uday's story, Pure decided to sponsor all of Uday's schooling fees, books, transportation and uniform etc last year. Extremely pleased with Uday's kind acts and contribution to the community, Pure has confirmed its pledge to support his education for another year. However, to help this promising young man achieve his dream, we call upon the collective power of all caring and empathetic souls out there.

Here's a personal note from Yogiuday himself:

"The best way to feel loved is to give love to others. The best way to feel safe is to offer security to others. The best way to feel rich is to give to others, whether that is money, time, wisdom or a smile. My heartfelt gratitude goes to all Pure Yogis, on the mat and off.
Hari Om

If you have any questions or would like to help Uday, please send an email to community@pure-international.com or visit Yogiyumyums.com for more information.

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