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Class Summary

Date:4th Jun 2012
Time:10:15 am
Duration:75 minutes
Class type:Yin & Pranayama
Class description:This class cultivates the foundation for a seated practice. It combines some basic breath-work to centre the mind with very meditative yin poses to fuel the subtle energy flow. Students will be able to feel the poses on an energy level and benefit from the deep relaxation of the practice. All levels are welcome.
Class level: All levels


Karthekeyan is from Salem, a small city in Tamil Nadu, southern India. His father encouraged him to start practising traditional yoga, which he first began to study under the yogi Guru Tamilarasan.

An appreciation of yoga sadhana, or the spiritual practice of yoga, encouraged him to delve deeper into yoga philosophy. As part of his pilgrimage, he met the Guru Arunagiri from Chennai, who taught him how to treat people with yoga techniques. He says he began to realize that human beings should be educated, and that only animals should be trained. He began to see that yoga is not just about training the body but is also a scientific and artistic system of education to help you understand your own self.

Karthekeyan intensified his studies and ultimately got a master's degree in yoga therapy from Kasturba Medical College. Then worked as a therapist treating the patients at Kasturba Hospital, as well as teaching yoga to university students. He then went to work in Taiwan, staying for two years.

Karthekeyan likes to share his academic and teaching experience with people, hoping to instill them with fun and joy. He emphasizes Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, yoga therapy and stress management. His vision and mission is to help mesh a healthy world with a peaceful life.

Qualifications & Certifications
Yoga Instructors Course - SVYASA (250 hrs)
Diploma in Yogic Science and Education (1 Yr)
Yoga Instructor's Course Certificate (50 Hrs)
Diploma in Yoga Therapy
Inter University National Yoga Practice &
Educational Camp (100 Hrs)
Master Degree in Yoga Therapy (2 Yrs)
Universal Yoga - Part 1 (RYS 100 Hrs)
Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
Sivananda Yoga TTC (RYS 200 Hrs)
Master Level Yoga Teacher (500 Hrs) - Yoga Alliance International

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