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Vinyasa Yoga 50-hr CET with Tan Hee Boon

In this programme, you will grasp how to create a Vinyasa series on your own. Based on basic sequences given, you will explore how to expand the sequences with your own creativity and themes. You will also learn to apply the skills and awareness of Vinyasa Yoga to all the rhythms and sequences of life, including self-care, relationships, work and personal evolution. Vinyasa Yoga teaches us to cultivate an awareness that links each action to the next – on and off the mat.

 The Vinyasa method that we are going to explore includes assessing the needs of the individual student (or a group) and then building a complementary, step-by-step practice to meet those needs.

 Open to all teachers and experienced practitioners who want to gain deeper insight into Vinyasa Yoga. Participants are required to be in good health, be open and committed to learning, and have a regular Vinyasa Yoga practice prior to attending.

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  • History and benefits of Vinyasa yoga
  • Teaching, leadership and confidence skills
  • Creative sequencing class: Individual and group creations
  • Safe alignments, sequencing and class structure
  • How to empower students with different sequencing
  • Physical and voice cues adjustment
  • Communication skill and creative facilitation

Terms and Conditions