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The 5 Pillars

At Pure Yoga, we care for the development and growth of our student’s yoga practice; with this in mind, we developed the 5 Pillars. This is a system that categorises classes in 5 different Pillars and provides a clear path for students to be able to choose which classes to attend.

Each class is categorised under one Pillar according to the physical and mental requirements needed to attend such class and the results that come after it. Besides being assigned to a Pillar, classes are also categorised in Levels according to the skill and knowledge required to attend the class. The 5 pillars are: Healing,Grounding, Dynamic, Hot and Specialised.



The 5 Pillars

Therapeutic and restorative practice - Restore an injury, calm the nervous system, improve breathing, activate parasympathetic system, increase flexibility. For restore an injury, calm the nervous system, improve breathing, activate parasympathetic system, increase flexibility. Read more...

Slow-paced, detailed instructions, non-dynamic practice - Learn alignment, strengthen, tone, increase flexibility, connect the body and mind. For people interested in learning the details of the postures and work at a slow pace. Read more...

Fast-paced, moving with the breath - Increase stamina, strengthen, tone, increase flexibility. For people who already know how to do the postures, are interested in increasing upper body strength and stamina and enjoy an energetic and invigorating practice. Read more...

Hatha or Vinyasa yoga practice in a heated room - Condition the body, train the mind, increase endurance and stamina and raise the cardio level. For people with a moderate fitness level or above who are interested in sweating and challenging themselves and can cope with a heated room. Read more...

Focuses on a specific aspect or type of yoga or a specific area of the body - Learn specific skills and train specific areas of the body and mind. For people who are interested in improving or learning about a specific area of yoga or the body. Read more...

The 5 Levels Within Each Pillar


Sets the foundation for the other levels. Ideal for newcomers to yoga interested in learning the specifics about the fundamental poses and alignment in yoga.


Moderate physical and mental effort; emphasis is on stretching and relaxing, not strengthening. Beginners are welcome.

Level 1

Invigorating practice for students with certain level of familiarity with yoga poses and some yoga experience. Poses are taught with modifications for beginners when necessary.

Level 2

For students with a consistent and stable Level 1 practice who wish to deepen their knowledge and physical skills. Not suitable for beginners.

Level 3

For advanced students with a consistent Level 2 practice and a deep level of body awareness who are able to do handstand (at the wall) and wheel with arms straight. Not suitable for Level 1 students.