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Well-being is in style! Go beyond tradition and surprise your loved ones with the gift of health in a Private Yoga Set. Choice of yoga style, studio and schedule is completely up to them.


This gift set includes three 60-min specially priced classes to be used by one or two students at any Pure Yoga studio.*


Gift set is suitable for everyone, not just Pure Yoga Cardholders.


Why Private Yoga?

  1. Unlimited postural correction and asana adjustment throughout the entire class
  2. Addressing of individual and specific yoga needs
  3. Quicker improvement and progress than regular class
  4. Flexible timing to suit your personal schedule



Three 60-min Private Yoga classes at:

RMB 2,088 for one student

RMB 2,488 for two students


Exclusive offer for Non-Pure Cardholders

After finishing the three classes, non-Cardholders can join Pure Yoga with a waiver of the joining fee.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Promotion available until 31 December 2018.
  2. Promotion valid for Pure Cardholders and Non-Pure Cardholders.
  1. Private Yoga Holiday Gift Set valid only for people who are 14 years old or above.
  2. Only ONE Private Yoga Holiday Gift Set can be used per person.
  3. Valid for designated Pure Yoga studios in Shanghai only.
  1. Pure reserves the right to assign an appropriate teacher for all classes.
  2. Each Private Yoga Holiday Gift Set consists of 3 classes; each class is 60 minutes total (2 sessions of 30 minutes each).
  3. The Private Yoga Holiday Gift Set can be used for two students by adding a total of  RMB 400 to the original price at the time of purchase or redemption.
  4. Advance booking for classes is a must.
  5. First class must be taken by 31 March 2019. Validity is 6 weeks from the first class.
  6. Private Yoga Holiday Gift Set clients who are NOT Pure Yoga Cardholders can purchase a Pure Yoga contract within 2 months of their last class with joining fee waived.
  7. Validity dates are final and cannot be extended.
  8. Passes are non-transferable, non-refundable, not exchangeable for cash, and may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion.
  1. Pure is not responsible or liable for lost, damaged or stolen Private Yoga Holiday Gift Sets and is under no obligation to re-issue the Gift Sets in such circumstances.
  1. Any dispute connected in any way with this promotion will be resolved by Pure at its absolute discretion.
  2. Where there is conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the English version prevails. 









为什么选择私人瑜伽? 充分利用课堂里的时间去改善姿势及调较式子 • 针对个人对瑜伽练习的特定需要 • 较一般课堂以更快进度改善您的瑜伽练习 • 弹性上课时间以配合您的私人时间表



一位学员:RMB 2,088

两位学员:RMB 2,488



完成3个课堂后,非Pure持卡人加入Pure Yoga的服务计划可免手续費。



  1. 优惠至 2018 年12月31日截止。
  2. 优惠适用于Pure持卡人与非Pure持卡人。
  3. 节日礼包只适用于14岁或以上人士。
  4. 每人只可使用一个节日礼包。
  5. 节日礼包只限于上海使用。
  6. Pure保留选择课堂老师的决定权。
  7. 每个节日礼包内含3个60分钟的课堂(每堂2节各30分钟)。
  8. 以正价购买节日礼包,并于购买或领取礼品包时另加RMB 400,即可供2位学员使用。
  9. 所有课堂须提前预约。
  10. 第一个课堂须于2019年3月31日前完成,礼包有效期为完成第一堂起计6星期。
  11. 购买节日礼包之顾客如非Pure持卡人,完成所有课堂后2个月内加入Pure Yoga的服务计划可免手续费。
  12. 有效期为最终决定,不可延期。
  13. 节日礼包不可转让、退费、兑换现金,亦不可与其他优惠用时使用。
  14. 节日礼包若遭受任何遗失、损毁、被窃,Pure概不负责,亦没有义务作任何补发。
  15. 如对优惠有任何争议,Pure将保留最终决定权。
  16. 中文版本与英文版本倘出现任何歧义,概以英文版本为准。