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Unleash the MONSTAHHH!

Hybrid Fitness & Yoga All-in-One class
MONSTAHHH is now on tour to different locations

See what makes this MONSTAHHH move:

Start by looking within and connecting to our inner quiet monstahhh, the one that keeps us grounded and centred. As we breathe and flow through energising Sun Salutations, our monstahhh awakens. 

The MONSTAHHH rises, invigorated….ready for the electric boom of a functional bodyweight sequence followed by explosive bursts of HIIT. The finisher is a victory dance carried on an all-time endorphin high.

Round out the session with a cooldown of stretching yoga poses, releasing pent-up tension, and quieting our inner monstahhh chatter for a restful Savasana accompanied by nature sounds.

Be first to meet the MONSTAHHH!
See the tour schedule below: 

  • 2 Sep (Thu) 5.30pm One Hennessy
  • 4 Sep (Sat) 11am The Pulse
  • 8 Sep (Wed) 1.15pm Langham Place
  • 10 Sep (Fri) 5.30pm PCCW Tower
  • 12 Sep (Sun) 4pm Kinwick Centre
  • 15 Sep (Wed) 1.15pm Langham Place
  • 17 Sep (Fri) 5.30pm PCCW Tower
  • 19 Sep (Sun) 4pm Kinwick Centre
  • 20 Sep (Mon) 7.30pm ifc mall
  • 22 Sep (Wed) 1.15pm California Tower
  • 27 Sep (Mon) 7.30pm ifc mall
  • 29 Sep (Wed) 1.15pm California Tower

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Classes are open to ALL PURE Cardholders and first-time guests. Ask our team for details.