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Contact | Press Enquiry | Locations | FAQ

Hong Kong locations re-opening on 21 April

Last Updated: 14:15, 30 April 2022


All PURE Yoga and PURE Fitness Hong Kong locations are re-opening on 21 April. With the HKSAR government's various regulations covered, we will continue going above and beyond to keep you safe, happy and inspired. 
Kindly note the new check-in procedures under the Vaccine Pass arrangement that may require some extra time when you visit PURE, especially if you have booked a class. 
For a smooth check-in upon arrival, please: 

  1. Scan the LeaveHomeSafe QR code displayed at the PURE entrance 
  2. Verify the validity of your vaccination record 
  3. Present your PURE Barcode for scanning 

If you are not yet vaccinated, you will NOT be allowed into PURE premises as per the Vaccine Pass vaccination requirements* outlined below. 

  • Stage 1: At least ONE dose when PURE re-opens until 29 April 
  • Stage 2: A minimum TWO doses from 30 April to 30 May 
  • Stage 3: THREE doses from 31 May onwards 

** From 31 May onwards, any Cardholder who has taken only 2 doses within 6 months is still allowed to enter PURE premises under the current Vaccine Pass requirement. The final ruling is subject to whether your vaccination records on the LeaveHomeSafe app successfully authenticate your status upon check-in.

Please refer to the official document for details HERE. 

Hopefully, you have booked to get jabbed or are already vaccinated and can return to PURE when our locations re-open. 
If you’re fully vaccinated, kindly submit your date(s) of vaccination via "Profile" on our PURE360 app. “ 

*Exemptions are: 

  • Cardholders with a COVID-19 Medical Exemption Certificate can enter PURE premises by scanning the exemption QR code on the LeaveHomeSafe app. The medical certificate must be presented upon first visit for our PURE team to verify and update in the system. 
  • Recovered Cardholders must present their discharged or medical certificate upon first visit for our PURE team to verify and update in the system. 
  • Cardholders who have had their vaccination outside Hong Kong must present their vaccination record issued by the relevant authorities upon first visit. Alternatively, you can obtain the QR code from the 18 designated post offices upon completing declaration of non-vaccination details. 


What to expect when visiting any PURE location in Hong Kong: 


  1. Mandatory temperature checks upon entry. 
  2. Mandatory mask-wearing at all times when not showering, eating or drinking. 
  3. All staff in our yoga studios and fitness centres will meet dosage requirements under the most updated Vaccine Pass regulations. 
  4. Sauna and steam rooms remain closed until further notice. 
  5. All drinking fountains inside changing rooms remain closed until further notice. 


  1. Regular disinfection of all locations and equipment. 
  2. Hand sanitiser, disinfectant spray and cloths provided throughout our gyms. Please use these frequently and wipe down all equipment after use.  
  3. FDA / EPA approved sterilising mist machines in all PURE locations that effectively kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. 


  1. Yoga and Group Fitness classes aligned with government regulations. 
  2. Cardio machines will be separated by partitions. Strength equipment will be configured to avoid users being in the same breathing zone. 
  3. Customers queueing at reception will be spaced 1 metre apart.   
  4. Advanced booking will be limited to two Group Fitness classes and two Yoga classes per person per day with walk-in or standby still available. 
  5. All Yoga and Group Fitness instructors will stay on their mat or teaching area and will not make adjustments or walk around the classroom.  

These measures will keep the PURE environment safe and comfortable for all. But they only work if EVERYONE plays their part.  

Don't visit if you're feeling unwell. Use the cloths and disinfectant sprays provided. Wash your hands regularly with soap. Keep masks on as required. We'll stay strong as a responsible and unified community.  

For additional enquiries, please send us a message from your PURE360 app. (Go to Profile > Settings > Contact Us) or email us via the PURE websites (Use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom corner of the website). 



1) How can I apply for suspension? 

If you'd like to apply for suspension, please take the time to read our Suspension Policy for PURE Fitness and PURE Yoga.  
If you would like to proceed, please complete this form. 

Suspension fee of HK$288 per month applies. 


2) How can I re-activate my account? 

If you are currently on suspension, we miss you and encourage you to reactivate your contract at any time by completing this form.  


3) How can I terminate my account? 

If you'd like to apply for termination, please take the time to read our Cancellation Policy for PURE Fitnessand PURE Yoga. All termination requests can be made by completing the online termination form at any PURE location. If you are unable to visit any of our locations, you can send a written request to and will subsequently receive an online termination form. Processing of the termination request only starts upon receiving this completed online termination form.  

Your ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­PURE TEAM

最近更新:2022年4月30日 14:15


香港全線PURE YogaPURE Fitness中心將於421重新開放我們將遵從香港特區政府頒下的各項防疫措施,務求讓您持續得到安全舒適的體驗,啟發您每一程健康之旅。 



  1. 於中心入口掃描安心出行二維碼  
  2. 驗證您的疫苗接種記錄  
  3. 出示您的PURE會員條碼作掃描 



  • 1階段:中心重開後至429日,接種最少1劑疫苗  
  • 2階段:430日至530日,最少接種2劑疫苗 
  • 3階段:531日起,接種3 

** 5月31日起,接種第二劑疫苗後未滿六個月的持卡人,仍可根據當時的疫苗通行證要求進入 PURE,最終取決於安心出行應用程式上的疫苗接種記錄是否成功驗證為準。



  • 持有新冠疫苗醫學豁免證明書的持卡人,可於進入中心前提供儲存在安心出行應用程式的豁免二維碼以作掃描。請於首次到訪PURE中心時帶同此豁免證明,讓我們的團隊作驗證及更新系統紀錄。 
  • 曾感染2019冠狀病毒病並已康復的持卡人,請於首次到訪PURE中心時帶同您的醫生證明或出院證明,讓我們的團隊作驗證及更新系統紀錄。 
  • 於海外接種疫苗的持卡人,請於首次到訪PURE中心時帶同由相關機構發出的疫苗接種記錄;或您可選擇於指定18間郵政局作申報及索取供本地使用的疫苗接種紀錄二維碼。 


香港 PURE 中心的防疫措施 


  1. 進入中心前必須量度體溫。 
  2. 任何人士如非淋浴或飲食,皆須佩戴口罩。 
  3. 所有中心的前線工作人員皆遵守香港特區政府的疫苗通行證的最新疫苗接種要求 
  4. 蒸氣房及桑拿房仍然關閉,直至另行通知。 
  5. 更衣室所有飲水機均保持關閉,直至另行通知. 


  1. 所有健身器材及設施將每日定時消毒。 
  2. 中心不同地方將提供潔手液、消毒噴霧及抹布,請經常使用;運動過後,請清潔相關器材。 
  3. 所有PURE中心設置具有FDA/EPA安全認可,並有效清除有害細菌、病毒及真菌的無害消毒噴霧機。 


  1. 所有團體健身班及瑜伽課堂參照香港特區政府的指引 
  2. 帶氧運動器械設備會以屏幕隔開。至於重訓設備亦已重新分佈,以避免用家處於同一個呼吸區域。 
  3. 訪客於接待處排隊時需保持1米社交距離。 
  4. 每位持卡人每日只限提早預約個團體健身及個瑜伽課堂,您亦可於現場候補課堂。 
  5. 所有瑜伽和團體健身教練都將留在他們的墊子或位置上,不會調整會員姿勢或在課堂上走動。 


如有其他詢,請透過PURE360 Lifestyle應用程式聯絡我們 (請到個人資料>設定>聯絡我們)或透過PURE網站電郵我們 (請到網頁下方的聯絡我們) 



1) 如何申請合約暫停? 
申請合約暫停前,請參我們PURE FitnessPURE Yoga.的合約暫停政策。 



2) 如何重合約? 


3) 如何終止合約? 
如欲申請終止合約,請先參我們PURE FitnessPURE Yoga的終止合約政策。所有申請皆須填妥相關電子表格,表格於任何一間PURE中心均有提供。如您不便到訪我們的中心,您亦可電郵至 提交申,我們将會以電郵附上電子表格。所有終止合約程序,將由收到閣下遞交的電子終止合約表格後才開始。