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Teachers > Jennie Cheung

Teachers > Jennie Cheung

Jennie started her path to yoga one year after she moved back to Hong Kong from Toronto in 2002. She has been practising hot yoga since then and finding that it not only improves her health, but also increases her inner awareness with body and mind.

Jennie obtained her first teacher certificate in 2006 and has been teaching ever since. She developed the basis of her experience through time on the mat. The most important thing she could do as a teacher is practise. Committing to a dedicated daily self-practice and sticking with it is what she considers to be the foundation of teaching. 

Jennie also shifted her mindset from "teaching postures" to "teaching people". For example – how to relax into change, especially in hot yoga. Because the heat challenges one's practice each and every time, one must persevere in order to become stronger both physically and mentally. And the most effective way to teach others is to learn to do it herself – to be a role model. One of the greatest tools that yoga has taught Jennie is listening. Listening is a powerful skill that allows her to guide her students and her own life with wisdom and compassion.



  • The Art of Hands-On Assist, Baptiste Yoga, 2017
  • Alexander Method of SMR Levels 1&2, 2014
  • Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Sara Avant Stover, 2009
  • Forrest Yoga Advanced Training Course with Ana Forrest, 2009
  • Embodying the Flow Teacher Training with Shiva Rea, 2006  
  • Seat of the Teacher Continuing Education with Patrick Creelman, 2006
  • The Next Step – Preparing to Teach: Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Patrick Creelman (260 hours), 2006 

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