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Teachers > Ella Tham

Teachers > Ella Tham

Trained in Vienna, Austria, with a Masters Degree in Beauty and Image Design, Ella worked as a Certified Image Consultant until an accident left her wheelchair bound for over a year. During her rehabilitation, she realised that mental wellbeing was as important as the physical component of recovery, and found yoga to be the perfect combination of the two. Through continuation of yoga practice and other rehabilitation exercises, she recovered whilst gaining a deeper interest and understanding of yoga and its philosophy.

Ella attended teacher training with Patrick Creelman in 2017 and is currently attending yoga wheel teacher training with Gopal Palanisamy.  She focuses on yoga therapy, spinal health yoga and rehabilitation with yoga. 

Awareness of life being a cycle of good times and hard times led Ella to study Tai Chi.  In Tai Chi, the concept of yin-yang is the notion that one can see a dynamic duality (such as active/passive, dark/light, forceful/yielding) in all things. Ella completed 6-months Tai Chi training in the Traditional Kung Fu Academy in Wudang Mountain, Hubei Province. 

In 2018, Ella combined both yoga and Tai Chi, and became the founder of yogaQi® - a practice combining the stretching–alignment of yoga with movements of Tai Chi-qigong, with a focus on strengthening the body, gaining flexibility, core muscle strength and body balance. 


  • Yoga Wheel Training Level 1 & 2: A Journey Through Anahata with Gopal Palanisamy (50 Hours), 2019
  • Teaching Certificate – Five Animals Qigong, She Quan, Kungfu Fan, Longhua Jian and Xuanwu Quan, 2019
  • The Foundation Training for Yoga Teachers, Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School with Patrick Creelman & Rinat Perlman (200-hour), 2018
  • Yogic Nutrition and Lifestyle Certified Course, Holistic Wellness, 2014

What Ella teaches

TaiQi Yoga
TaiQi Yoga Meditation
Yin Yang

Other teachers also in Starstreet Precinct, The Centrium, Peninsula Office Tower, Asia Standard Tower