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Teachers > Erica So

Teachers > Erica So

Erica began her yoga journey to find balance amidst the fast-paced world of banking and real estate development. Seeking a dynamic practice that could provide physical and mental respite, she discovered yoga and instantly felt a deep connection. Since then, yoga has become an integral part of Erica’s life, offering her a sanctuary of peace and a way to harmonise her busy lifestyle.
Erica's love for vinyasa and hot yoga quickly flourished as she found joy in the fluidity of movement and the synchronicity of breath and posture. These dynamic styles allowed her to express herself physically while cultivating a profound sense of mindfulness. Additionally, Erica also found solace in the discipline and structure of Ashtanga yoga, appreciating its transformative impact on her practice and personal growth.
Throughout her yoga journey, Erica has been greatly influenced by Almen, a renowned yoga teacher whose Sun Salutations class captivated her from the very beginning. Almen's ability to infuse creativity, grace, and precision into the practice of Sun Salutations left a lasting impression on Erica's teaching style.
Erica aims to create dynamic and energising classes that empower her students to explore their own potential and find balance on and off the mat. In her classes, students can also expect a fusion of vinyasa and hot yoga, incorporating mindful movement, breath awareness, and rhythmic flow. Her teaching emphasises the seamless integration of breath and movement and allows students to cultivate a deeper connection with their bodies and minds.
Erica understands the demands of a busy lifestyle and recognises the transformative power of yoga to bring balance and harmony. Through her classes, she seeks to provide her students with a space to release stress, build physical and mental resilience, and nurture a greater sense of well-being. Encouraging her students to embrace the journey of self-discovery, Erica invites them to explore their own unique paths, finding joy, and fulfillment through their yoga practice.


  • 2023 – Hot 26 Teacher Training with Almen Wong, PURE Yoga (200 hours)

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