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Teachers > Wendy Wyvill

Teachers > Wendy Wyvill

Wendy is a natural teacher of yoga and has taught since 2000. Her love for movement came at a young age from gymnastics to snowboarding with many other sports in between. Injuries were always a part of her life, as was learning to heal from them. Yoga was a great friend and tool to help with the healing process. After retiring from professional snowboarding, Wendy pursued her love of teaching and Yoga. She is originally from Whistler, Canada but spent many years in the United States and has now resided in Hong Kong since 2006 -- the year she also started working with PURE Yoga Hong Kong. When she is not teaching and studying Yoga, healing and the breath, Wendy and her husband and 8-year-old boy are out chasing waves, snow and exploring the great outdoors.

In the last decade, Wendy has become increasingly interested in the power of breath. Understanding that there is more to it than what was taught in her yoga trainings, she branched out and shifted her perspective towards Breathwork studies with scientific backing – what actually happens when we breathe, how it affects our health and how the ancient practice of Pranayama works in modern times. Wendy believes that many of us are not breathing as nature intended. We are caught in upper chest stress breathing, even in our yoga practice. This over-breathing has created an imbalance in our bodies’ chemistry and our overall health. Through healthy curiosity and self-observation (or Svadhyaya), we can start to be aware of our breathing and our bodies’ movement habits, learning which serve us and which do not.

Wendy’s classes provide a platform for this self-study that gives students the tools to listen to their bodies, explore what they need and learn to strengthen, stretch and heal. Her Asana classes are vinyasa-based, blending breathwork and mindfulness with playful practice to leave one inspired, grounded and at peace. She also teaches standalone Pranayama and meditation classes.

Wendy has taught many yoga/surf, yoga Ayurveda and yoga detox retreats around Asia. She has also led many successful programmes like 40 Days to Personal Revolution, 50-hr teacher trainings, and Pranayama and meditation programmes.



  • Restore Your Prana 100 RYP Certification with Robin Rothenberg, 2022
  • Restore Your Prana (20 hours) with Robin Rothenberg, 2020
  • Dan Brulé, 2020
  • The Breathing Class with Dr Belisa Vranich, 2020
  • Pranayama Programme (20 hours) with Julia McCabe, 2020
  • Online Anatomy with Jason Crandell, 2019
  • Yoga Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff, 2018
  • Advanced Assisting and Sequencing Retreat with Yogrishi Vishvketu, 2016
  • Sara Powers Yin Yoga Teacher Training, 2012
  • Hatha Teacher Training (500 hours) with Yogrishi Vishvketu, Rishikesh, India, 2007
  • Patrick Creelman Teacher Training (Assisted), 2006
  • Ana Forrest Teacher Training, 2006
  • John Friend Anusara Yoga, 2005
  • Baptiste Power Yoga Levels 1 & 2 and Boot Camps 2005
  • Yogi Bhajan Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (500 hours), 2003
  • Bikram Teacher Training (500 hours), 2001
  • Nia Teacher Training, 2000
  • Gymnastics teacher trainings, 1999

What Wendy teaches

Pranayama & Meditation
Yin Yang

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