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A Mother’s Journey Workshops with Bhakti Wong

Public Workshops:

Session 10 - 28 SEPTEMBER 2019 1:00PM – 3:30PM (2.5 hours) Asia Standard Tower

Although birthing is natural, it helps to know how nature works and what we can do that may help nature to work more efficiently. Ladies, this workshop is for your partners to learn how they can support us during the last trimester and birth. There is a short lecture on anatomy and lots of hands-on practice with partners. Learn about how to use yoga poses and props to maximise the efficiency of your labour.
For couples only.

Session 6 - 2 NOVEMBER 2019 1:00PM – 3:30PM (2.5 hours) Asia Standard Tower

This workshop is for the postpartum woman who wants to know more about her own female anatomy. How well do you know your pelvic floor? Are Kegels suitable? Do you or know someone who experiences urinary incontinence? Haemorroids? Painful sex? These are common pain points post-pregnancy and birth that are often not discussed. This workshop includes lecture on anatomy and vaginal care. Learn holistic self-care practices to take care of your most private feminine parts. For women only.

Session 7 - 9 NOVEMBER 2019 1:00PM – 3:30PM (2.5 hours) Asia Standard Tower

Studies show that the caesarean rates in China stand at 47% of its births, in Hong Kong at 41%. The rate of episiotomies for first-time mothers in Hong Kong public hospitals as of 2006 is 86%. With such statistics, abdominal and pelvic floor scars are common amongst us.
As these wounds heal, they become scar tissue, which can range from soft and supple tissue to tough clusters of fibroid tissue. Some symptoms of these tough clusters include numbness, tingly sensations, tugging, or sharp pains around the area. Multiple cesareans or in some serious cases, four-point tears, even radiation scars from cervical cancer, are often not properly addressed.
This workshop is for us to learn hands-on techniques to dissolve our hardened scar tissue for optimal healing. For women only.

Session 8- 16 NOVEMBER 2019 1:00PM – 3:30PM (2.5 hours) Asia Standard Tower

This workshop is for the postpartum woman who wants to know how to check if and how much her abdominal muscles have separated during pregnancy, a condition known as diastasis recti; how to correctly engage her core muscles; and to re-orient with her pelvic floor post-birth or cesarean. Basic modifications for general yoga poses will also be covered.

Postnatal Workshop package: 
Session 6,7,8
Total 7.5 hours
(Pure Cardholders) Early-bird 20% discount: HK$2,100 (ends 25 October) 
(Non-Pure Cardholders) Early-bird 10% discount: HK$2,362 (ends 25 October)
Regular Price: HK$2,625

Individual Drop-In: (Please register in Studio)
Session 6 or 7 or 8
2.5 hours per session
(Pure Cardholders) Early-bird 20% discount: HK$875 (ends 25 October) 
(Non-Pure Cardholders) Early-bird 10% discount: HK$984 (ends 25 October)
Regular Price: HK$1,093

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