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Yin yoga therapy workshop 陰瑜伽治療工作坊由Connie Yan老師指導

This workshop explores gentle stretching, then goes deep into connecting tissues. We will practise asanas using some props, gaining awareness of our body's limitation whilst increase our mobility with every practice. The focus is on full-body mobility that includes spinal flexion, extensions & rotations, hips joint mobilisation exercises, and shoulders & chest opening. Such practice will enhance synchronised movement  with other joints of the knees, ankles, elbows & wrists, and help us to relax and enjoy a carefree life. 



Date : 26-28 March


26 March (Friday)
7:00pm- 9:00pm


- Use props to assist with poses for the hip joints opening like flexion, extension and rotations of the legs, which help to improve hip mobility

- 用一些輔助工具協助打開寬關節,如柔軟度、屈曲、伸展及大腿骨轉動,以提升寛關節的靈活性。


27 March (Saturday)

- Focus on leg opening, stretching muscle fascia to be better aware of its location, use different props to open entire leg muscle, exercises for flat feet & Hallux Valgus, improving the mobility of legs and balancing the bodyweight to relieve Sciatica.

- 針對腿部肌肉,從伸展肌肉行為找出肌肉的位置,配合一些工具,再做一些改善扁平足及𧿹趾外翻練習,達到提升腿部活靈及穩定性,並可幫助減輕坐骨聖經痛。


27 March Saturday

2:00pm - 4:30pm

— Focus on back & lower back opening, stretching different back muscles to open each of the vertebral column, increasing the back's flexibility & mobility -- also helping to relieve Sciatica & Scoliosis

- 2.5小時背及下脊練習,從伸展不同組別肌肉至脊柱関節,可提升整體背部及下背的柔軟度及脊椎的使用角度,並可舒緩坐骨聖經痛及脊椎側彎的肌肉酸痛。


28 March (Sunday)

1:00pm - 3:30pm

- Opening our shoulders girdle, stretching the pectoral muscle and around the scapula, arm muscle and neck, helping to prevent and release pain from frozen shoulder



Yin Yoga Therapy Workshop 陰瑜伽治療工作坊
會員提早報名八折優惠價(3月9日截止) : HK$2,660
非會員提早報名九折優惠價(3月9日截止) : HK$2,992
一般價格: HK$3,325

Yin Yoga Therapy工作坊

會員提早報名八折優惠價(3月9日截止) : HK$715
非會員提早報名九折優惠價(3月9日截止) : HK$804
一般價格: HK$893




· 報讀所有課堂之截止日期為2021年39,詳情請參閱價目表。



· 報讀所有課堂之人士,2021310後將不設退款或取消登記。

· 所有退款將被扣除10%行政費用。



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