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Backbend Workshop with Natalie Sung

No matter your level of experience or ability, this is the perfect workshop for you to dive deeper into backbend​.

What you ​will learn:

-How to ​correctly get into backbend

-How to build a safe and firm foundation before opening up your body to backbend

-​Different ways to open up your shoulders and upper back

-Adjustments and control in backbend

-How to get into deeper backbends

Th​is workshop is suitable for ​all levels of yoga practitioners and teach in Cantonese.









Capacity: 20

20 August 12:30​pm-2:30pm

Session 1- Flip the ​Grip

Flip the grip practice to learn hand position​ing and explore a deeper variation of bow pose and dancer pose.

Learn how to enter and exit ​poses like:


-King Pigeon

-Bow / Full Bow

-Dancer/ King Dancer


27 August 12:30​pm-3:00pm

Session 2 - ​Break through the ​Fear

​Explore pose​s like:

-Stand up to Wheel/Camel

-Drop back to Wheel /Camel

-Headstand drop back

-Inverted backbend (pincha scorpion)


課堂將加入倒立動作, 學會如何在頭倒立和前臂倒立中加入後彎元素。

Full workshop
Backbend Workshop with Natalie Sung
20 & 27 August
Total 4.5 Hours

(PURE Cardholders) Early-bird 20% discount: HK$1,300 (ends 31 July )
(Non-PURE Cardholders) Early-bird 10% discount: HK$1,462 (ends 31 July)
Regular Price: HK$1,625

Individual Drop-in
Session 1
2 hours
(PURE Cardholders) Early-bird 20% discount: HK$620 (ends 
31 July)
(Non-PURE Cardholders) Early-bird 10% discount: HK$697 (ends 
31 July)
Regular Price: HK$775

Individual Drop-in
Session 2
2.5 hours
(PURE Cardholders) Early-bird 20% discount: HK$780 (ends 
31 July)
(Non-PURE Cardholders) Early-bird 10% discount: HK$877 (ends 
31 July)
Regular Price: HK$975

Photos and video may be taken by PURE employees, solely for PURE marketing purposes.


Early-Bird 20% Discount:      

  • Early-Bird Discount ends 31 July 2022. Please see above for listed prices.



  • No refund or credit will be given for cancellation starting 1 August 2022.
  • All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.
  • All applications for refund (medical & emergency reasons) must be made within 3 days after the event finishes


Healthy-licious juice cleanse offer from nood food:

  • Up to $400 discount on nood food juice cleanse for all yoga event registrants on workshop dates. Ask a nood food staff at your workshop location for details.

Special offer from PURE Retail:

10% off all PURE Apparel/Kurios regular-priced products for all yoga event registrants on dates of the workshop.

*Please refer here for the full terms & conditions