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5-Day Yoga Immersion: Revive & Thrive Unlock your body's potential, energise your life! By Vivian Cheng 活化與活力 5 天沉浸式工作坊 - 潛力解鎖,為生活注滿動力!

8-10 & 12-13 July Starstreet Precinct – Wan Chai

This immersion is designed to help you ignite your strength, conquer fatigue, and thrive in just a short span of time. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, rejuvenation, and empowerment as we delve into the profound benefits of yoga.

Day 1: Ignite Your Inner Fire (Twisting)
On the first day, we will focus on awakening your inner fire to set the stage for transformation for the days ahead. Through envigorating twisting yoga sequences, we will tap into your deepest reservoirs of strength and create space where it's needed most to clear away stagnant energy in the body. You’ll leave the class feeling empowered and rejuvenated.

Day 2: Conquer Fatigue, Embrace Vitality (Side bends and Backbends)
Fatigue can be a significant obstacle in our daily lives. On the second day, we will explore side bends and backbends which enable us to open the chest, expand the lungs and increase oxygen flow throughout the body. By activating and stretching the front body and spine, we envigorate the nervous system and stimulate the adrenal glands which banish feelings of lethargy and exhaustion. You’ll leave the class having learnt energy-boosting techniques which allows you to tap into an abundant wellspring of vitality and reclaim your zest for life.

Day 3: Balance and Harmony (Forward bends and hip opening)
Finding balance amidst the chaos of life is crucial for overall well-being. Day three will focus on cultivating balance and harmony within your body, mind, and spirit. Through a combination of forward bends and hip opening yoga postures, this class offers the body a unique opportunity to turn your attention inward, quieting the mind and surrendering to the present moment. The nurturing sequence allows us to release stored emotions which allows us to restore equilibrium. You’ll leave the class feeling grounded.

Day 4: Deep Dive into Self-Care (Mindfulness and Meridian Yoga Therapy)
Self-care is essential for nurturing your overall well-being. On the fourth day, we immerse ourselves in a blissful sanctuary of self-care by experiencing the perfect synergy of Meridian Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness Practice. These two powerful ancient techniques work harmoniously together which promotes inner alignment. To enhance the healing experience, there will be elements of sound therapy to facilitate deep relaxation. You’ll leave the class learning useful destressing techniques which comes handy in our daily life to make self-care sustainable.

Day 5: Thriving with Purpose (Advanced with some inversions)
On the final day, we will celebrate your progress and empower you to thrive with purpose. Through a culmination of all the practices and wisdom gained throughout the workshop, you will integrate your newfound strength, vitality, and balance into your life. In this class, we will guide you through a dynamic sequence that challenges your body and mind, pushing the boundaries of what you thought was impossible. Advanced yoga postures, such as arm balances, inversions, will be the centrepiece of this practice (modifications will be given to ensure a safe and empowering experience for all participants). As you challenge yourself with these advanced postures, you will not only build physical strength, flexibility, and balance but also cultivate mental focus, self-discipline, and a deep sense of purpose. Each pose becomes an opportunity to embody qualities such as courage, determination, and perseverance, empowering you to thrive not only on the mat but in every aspect of your life.

Throughout the workshop, you will be guided by experienced yoga instructors who are passionate about helping you unlock your body's potential and energise your life. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this workshop offers a safe and supportive environment for you to explore and deepen your yoga practice. Join us for this transformative 5-day yoga immersion workshop, where you will deepen your yoga practice, ignite your strength, conquer fatigue, and thrive in just a short amount of time.

8-10 July
12 & 13 July
Day 1: Ignite Your Inner Fire (Twisting)
Monday, 8 July
Day 2: Conquer Fatigue, Embrace Vitality (Side bends and Backbends)
Tuesday, 9 July
Day 3: Balance and Harmony (Forward bends and hip opening)
Wednesday, 10 July

Day 4: Deep Dive into Self-Care (Mindfulness and Meridian Yoga Therapy)
Friday, 12 July

Day 5: Thriving with Purpose (Advanced with some inversions)
Saturday, 13 July


Full Workshop (8 hours)
Early-Bird – 20% Off: HK$1,880 (ends 10 June)
Regular Price: HK$2,350

Daily Session (1.5 hours): HK$525
(Select one day from Day 1 to Day 4)

Day 5 session (2 hours): HK$700

Photos and videos may be taken, solely for PURE marketing purposes. 


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Minimum Number of Students

A minimum of 15 students is required.



  • Early-Bird Price: Applications to be sent in on or before 10 June 2024.
  • Regular Price: Applications to be sent in starting 11 June 2024.



  • No refund or credit will be given for cancellations starting 11 June 2024.
  • All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.
  • A refund (only for medical and emergency reasons) must be made within 3 days with a valid proof after the event finishes.


Special Offer from KURIOS

15% off on all KURIOS regular-priced products for all yoga event registrants on dates of the workshop.

To register, please contact any PURE Yoga studio or see reception.


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