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Continuing Education

Synchro Flow 30-Hour Teacher Training with an Emphasis on Inversions with Angela Lohse

5-13 October Asia Standard Tower – Central

The Synchro Flow 30-hour CET is an all-encompassing programme designed for both certified yoga instructors and non-certified practitioners with a strong interest in enhancing their practice. Synchro Flow yoga is about harmonising your breath with your movement to create a fluid and energetic flow. An exquisite fusion of vinyasa flow and dance movement, it builds strength, flexibility, and balance and allows one to find peace and tranquility. This course will take you beyond the basics, providing participants with advanced techniques, anatomical depth, philosophy, and practical skills to elevate their understanding and teaching proficiency in Synchro Flow.


Read more about Angela Lohse.

Foundations of Synchro Flow (10 hours)

- Introduction to Synchro Flow philosophy and principles.

- Exploring foundational sequences and transitions.

- Understanding the importance of breath and movement synchronisation.

- Sequencing basics for creating dynamic and cohesive practices.


Advanced Sequencing and Teaching Techniques (10 hours)

- In-depth analysis of advanced poses and transitions.

- Advanced sequencing principles for creating challenging and engaging practices.

- Refining cueing techniques for smooth transitions.

- Teaching practice and feedback sessions.

- Two 90-minute themed Synchro Flow practices.


Anatomy, Energetics, and Practical Skills (10 hours)

- Anatomy relevant to Synchro Flow poses and movements.

- Exploring the energetic aspects of Synchro Flow.

- Hands-on adjustments and assists for safety and alignment.

- Integration of anatomy and energetics into practice.

- Teaching inversions with confidence.

- Personal inversion practice and improvement.

- Selecting and incorporating music for Synchro Flow classes.

- Mastering over 25 Synchro Flow sequences.

- Understanding the non-subtle chakra system and its impact on well-being.

- Techniques to deepen backbends safely.

- Finding lightness and balance in inversions.

- Safe and progressive methods for practising advanced asanas.

- Two 90-minute themed Synchro Flow practices.

These themed Synchro Flow practices provide participants with an immersive experience, allowing them to embody and integrate the principles and techniques covered in each session.

* Understand the principles and philosophy of Synchro Flow.

* Develop advanced sequencing skills for dynamic and synchronised flows.

* Enhance cueing techniques to create a seamless and immersive yoga experience.

* Deepen anatomical knowledge relevant to Synchro Flow poses.

* Explore the energetic aspects of Synchro Flow and integrate them into practice.

* Refine hands-on adjustments and assists for a safe and effective practice.

* Cultivate effective communication and teaching skills for leading group classes.

* Learn and teach inversions with confidence.

* Enhance personal inversion practice.

* Select and incorporate music that complements Synchro Flow sequences.

* Master over 25 Synchro Flow sequences.

* Gain insight into the non-subtle chakra system and its impact on physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

* Delve into the importance of music in yoga classes and learn to design playlists that suit your practice and classes.

* Explore techniques to deepen backbends, find lightness and balance in inversions, and safely practise more advanced asanas.


1. In-Depth Teacher Training Manual:

   - A comprehensive manual covering all aspects of the Synchro Flow 30-Hour Teacher Training Programme.

   - Detailed information on philosophy, sequencing, cueing techniques, anatomy, energetics, music selection, chakras, advanced asanas, and more.

   - Visual aids, diagrams, and sequences to support understanding.

   - Additional resources and references for further exploration.


2. Daily Quizzes:

   - Short quizzes designed to reinforce daily learnings and encourage active engagement.

   - Quizzes cover topics discussed during lectures and practical sessions.

   - Immediate feedback to assess comprehension and identify areas for review.

   - Quizzes serve as a tool for participants to self-assess and track their progress.


3. Lectures:

   - Daily lectures led by experienced instructors, delving into various components of the Synchro Flow programme.

   - Interactive discussions, Q&A sessions, and opportunities for participants to share insights.

   - Practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises for a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

   - Lectures cover foundational concepts, advanced techniques, and the integration of different elements into the Synchro Flow practice.

- Quizzes contribute to daily assessments, ensuring participants grasp the material.

- A final written assessment covering the entire programme.

- Successful completion of the course, including active participation, quizzes, and assessments, leads to a Synchro Flow 30-Hour CET certificate.


A comprehensive manual, daily quizzes, and engaging lectures will create a well-rounded learning experience, allowing participants to absorb and apply the principles of Synchro Flow effectively.

Certification Criteria:

- Full participation in all sessions.

- Successful completion of the written assessment.

- Yoga Alliance accreditation upon completion.

- Video submission of 25 foundational sequences with effective teaching cues and sequencing.

- Creation of a one-hour playlist for Synchro Flow classes.

- Submission of a class planning outline showcasing effective sequencing and teaching methodologies.

All participants must have a minimum of one year yoga practice experience.

5, 6, 11, 12, 13 October
(A total of 30 hours)
Morning Session
  - 90-minute themed Synchro Flow practice (including pranayama and meditation)
  - Lecture on a specific topic (e.g., philosophy, sequencing principles)
  - Practical application on how to teach basic to intermediate levels
Afternoon Session
  - Hands-on workshops (e.g., adjustment techniques, inversion practice)
  - Group discussions and feedback sessions
  - PowerPoint presentations and daily quiz to review key concepts
  - Integration of music into practice (e.g., playlist creation)


Full Workshop (A total of 30 hours)

Super Early-Bird Price – 20% Off:

HK$4,050 (First 10 registrants only) 


Early-Bird Price – 10% Off:

HK$4,556 (Ends 5 August)

Regular Price



Zoom Online  (A total of 30 hours)

 Full Workshop Spcial Offer: HK$3,036


**Non-PURE Cardholders are welcome

Photos and videos may be taken, solely for PURE marketing purposes.


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Early-Bird Discount        

  • Early-Bird Discount ends 5 August 2024



  • No refund or credit will be issued for cancellations starting from 5 August 2024.
  • All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.
  • A refund (only for medical and emergency reasons) must be made within 3 days with a valid proof after the event finishes.


Special Offer from nood food

  • 5% off all nood food items for yoga event registrants on dates of the workshop.


Contact & Enquiries

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