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Yoga Labs Workshop with Noah Mazé (瑜伽研究工作坊 )

26-29 September Starstreet Precinct – Wan Chai

Noah is skilled at breaking down complex poses and tailoring them to fit the needs of his students, who describe his classes as energetic, inspiring, and empowering. In this workshop, expect plenty of strong and continuous practice in rhythm with your breath, interspersed with alignment moments to clarify and work on specific motor skills. From strengthening your standing poses to taking flight in Hanamasuna. Noah will teach step by step progressive sequencing as well as strong instruction in fundamental poses. Come ready to play hard and challenge your practice. Be ready for some breakthroughs!

26-29 September


Thu, 26 Sep, 7pm-9pm: Project arm balance

Take flight in this strong all-levels workshop on arm balance postures. Expect plenty of core strengthening, standing poses, hip openers and upper body strengtheners as we systematically deconstruct, prepare for, and reconstruct arm-balancing postures and inversions. Experience the graceful power of these poses and be ready for some breakthroughs! Bring any yoga props you might like to use.


Fri, 27 Sep, 7pm-9pm: Stand-in yoga

A full spectrum sequence has a bit of everything, with an emphasis on standing poses. Be ready to activate and strengthen your legs, expand your awareness, and cultivate grounded stability in what nourishes you. Expect clear instructions, step-by-step sequencing, strong work in fundamental poses, refinements, and a passionate invitation to stand in your greatest potential.


Sat, 28 Sep, 9:30am-12pm: Yoga is skill in action
​​This famous definition of yoga from the Bhagavad Gita inspires this full spectrum all-levels practice with an emphasis on standing poses and backbends. Expect step-by-step progressive sequencing, strong work in fundamental poses, activation skills and drills, a mix of hatha and vinyasa methodology, and options for all levels of yogis.


Sat, 28 Sep, 1pm-4pm: Demystifying vinyasana
Hearts of Courage – The much-loved archetype of Hanuman inspires this practice of storytelling, contemplation, progressive alignment mixed with breath-based dynamic vinyasa that will ignite your courageous heart, open your hips, and strengthen your body in devoted service of a well-aligned Hanumanasana. Expect step-by-step progressive sequencing, alignment and anatomical specificity, and some mythic Hanuman story.


Sun, 29 Sep, 9:30am-12pm: Strong to the core
Build strength and take flight in this strong all-levels workshop of core activation and progressive sequencing into arm balance postures. Expect deep core activation, 360-degree core strengthening, shoulder and arm strengthening drills, hip openers, on a journey to deconstruct, prepare, and reconstruct arm-balancing postures and inversions. Experience the graceful power of these poses and be ready for some breakthroughs!


Sun, 29 Sep, 1pm-4pm: Yoga of equanimity
In the whirlwind of life, the yogi must create a deeper residing steadiness, a presence of mind to see through the distractions, and a deep engagement of the heart. This workshop interweaves contemplation, hip openers and forward folds, twists, inversions, restorative/supported poses, pranayama and meditation.

Full Workshop (A total 15 hours)

Early-Bird Price: HK$3,750 (ends 10 August)

Regular Price: HK$4,688


Drop-in Session:

One Weekday Session (2 hours): HK$625

Weekend Morning Session (2.5 hours): HK$780

Weekend Afternoon Session (3 hours): HK$938

Noah Mazé is a highly renowned yoga teacher, known for his unique and transformative Maze Yoga Method. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Noah has dedicated his life to studying and practising various forms of yoga. His warm and friendly approach to teaching makes his classes and workshops accessible to people of all ages and abilities. With his Maze Yoga Method, Noah aims to help his students unlock their full potential and live a more fulfilling life, and believes that yoga is not just about physical exercise, but also a path towards self-discovery and personal growth.


Born and raised in the United States, and now based in LA, Noah has always been fascinated by the mind-body connection and the power of yoga to cultivate a deep sense of inner peace. Through his extensive travels and studies in India, he has developed a deep understanding of the philosophy behind the practice.

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