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Reiki I & II Courses with Martina Lee

About the Reiki I & II Course 


Reiki means “universal life force energy”. It is a powerful, effective and natural method of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. Reiki treats the whole person, bringing harmony and health on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Its beneficial effects complement other medical or therapeutic techniques and can be helpful for many health conditions.


Reiki benefits include:

  • Deep relaxation and stress relief
  • Support for the immune system and healing: pain relief, improvement for acute and chronic issues, detoxification
  • Increased vitality and slower ageing
  • Balance and harmonisation of the mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies
  • Personal and spiritual growth


In the Reiki I & II workshops, you will

  • Receive the Reiki I and II attunements
  • Be introduced to the sacred Reiki symbols that increase Reiki energies
  • Learn about the Reiki lineage and evolution
  • Practise Reiki meditation and self-healing treatments
  • Exchange Reiki sessions with other students
  • Learn how to send Reiki energy to challenging situations to improve outcomes
  • Do a Reiki long-distance session on friends or family


Reiki I opens and attunes the student to the Reiki energies. Students are empowered to do Reiki self-care and basic Reiki sessions.


Reiki II greatly increases the power of the Reiki energies by attuning the student to the sacred Reiki symbols. Students can offer enhanced sessions that address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues as well as offer long-distance sessions.


Schedule & Description


Reiki I:

6 July (Saturday): 9:30am-1:00pm

Begins with meditation, movement and an introduction to Reiki. Next, we will cover Reiki’s background, principles, and foundations. Students will receive the first Reiki Master Practitioner attunement, and learn and practise the Reiki Self-Treatment Protocol for self-healing.


6 July (Saturday): 2:30pm-5:30pm

Starts with the second Reiki attunement. The rest of the afternoon is spent learning two Reiki protocols for offering Reiki healing to others and exchanging sessions with partners. There will be time for Q&A and review.


Reiki II:

7 July (Sunday): 9:30am-1:00pm

Introduces the sacred Reiki symbols, their meaning and applications. Students receive the first Reiki II attunement, which lets them use the symbols to enhance the Reiki energy. We will practise using Reiki to scan auras, send Reiki to others, and energise future situations.


7 July (Sunday): 2:30pm-5:30pm

Begins with the second Reiki II attunement. We use the symbols to offer Reiki long-distance to others, clear areas, and exchange enhanced Reiki sessions with our partners.


Each morning and afternoon session includes meditation, lecture, demonstration, and partner exchanges.




FULL WORKSHOP:                                                         

Reiki I & II

6 & 7 July

All Sessions

Total 13.0 hours

(Pure Cardholders) Early-bird 20% discount: HK$2,800 (ends 16 June)
Non-Pure Cardholders) Early-bird 10% discount: HK$3,150 (ends 16 June)
Regular Price:


***Certification: Students will be awarded a certificate of participation upon completion of the workshop.

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Early Bird ends on 16 June 2019!

About the teacher

Terms and Conditions

Photos and videos may be taken, solely for Pure marketing purposes. 


Early-bird 20% Discount:      

  • Early-bird Discount ends 16 June 2019. Please see above for listed prices.



  • No refund or credit will be given for cancellation starting 16 June 2019.
  • All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.


Special offer from Pure Apparel:

  • 20% off all Pure Apparel retail products for all yoga event registrants on the dates of the workshop.


Healthy-licious juice cleanse offer from nood food:

  • $200 discount on nood food 3-Day juice cleanse for all yoga event registrants on workshop dates. Ask nood food staff at your workshop location for details.
  • 10% off all nood food items for all yoga event registrants on the dates of the workshop.


To register, please contact the Asia Standard Tower studio or see reception.