Sculpt. Strengthen. Stretch. De-stress. 

Whether you are an experienced practitioner, an absolute beginner, or an expectant mother, PURE Yoga offers a variety of classes for all shapes and sizes to choose from and benefit most from the ultimate yoga experience.




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Service Plans

At PURE Yoga, we want to work around your schedule. Given the different demands of our clients, we offer a variety of contracts to suit their needs.

Region Specific Programme

Hong Kong / Singapore / Shanghai / Beijing

Short-term Contract

We offer various short-term plans that are designed for city-hoppers who travel in and out of Singapore.

Monthly Contract

Our month-to-month contract is available with a minimum commitment of three, six months or in a 12-month contract that lets you pay on a monthly basis.

Prepaid Contract

A hassle-free 24-month programme designed to help you develop a two-year schedule that will help build you a solid fitness regime..

All Asia Programme

All Asia Contract

Covers all Fitness & Yoga locations in :

Corporate Programme

Corporate Contract

Employers of choice understand the importance of a healthy and happy workforce – better retention, increased staff morale, higher productivity, lower absenteeism and fewer medical claims. PURE Yoga, PURE Fitness, PURE Apparel, and nood food can work together in various ways to provide appropriate health and wellness packages for your company.

Like you, we believe that a company’s employees are its biggest asset. Kick-start their well-being with PURE – you’ll soon see mutual benefits for you and your staff.

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PURE offers different types of contracts to suit different needs. Our rates vary based on these factors:
  • The number and type of locations accessed
  • Visit/Class restrictions within a location
  • Length of contract
  • Payment method (Pre-paid vs. Monthly)
  • Types of contract (new vs renewal; retail vs corporate; yoga or fitness vs yoga+fitness)
Click here if you wish to update your autopay details.
PURE offers various contracts that cater to both globetrotters who want regional access and local explorers who want all locations in one city. You'll currently find PURE in Hong Kong, Singapore and China (with more to come)! You may also want to add yoga/fitness to your current contract. Whatever you're looking for, simply click "Contact Us" and we'll be happy to work out something that's right for you.

     Termination Process
  • If you hold a Monthly Committed Autopay Package, you may not terminate your Agreement until the full minimum term has expired. After such time you may terminate your Agreement by completing a Termination Form at your centre or studio on or before: i) the 5th day of the month if your Autopay date is on the 16th day of each month; (ii) the 20th day of the month if your Autopay date is on the 1st day of each month; Your Agreement will then expire one (1) month after the following 1st or 16th bill cycle. If we have not received your termination request in writing, your Agreement will automatically continue after the minimum term period by billing you via Autopay each month;
  • If your request to terminate is given after the dates indicated in Clause 1 above, you will be charged one (1) month's non-refundable Monthly Fee, and your rights and privilleges under your Agreement shall expire two (2) months after the last Autopay deduction;
  • If you hold a Prepaid Package, you may not terminate your Agreement within the Prepaid Period;
  • If you hold a Yoga Class Package, you cannot cancel your Agreement in respect of such package;
  • Termination of your Agreement will automatically lead to termination of locker rental on the same date PURE reserves every right to change the Terms & Conditions from time to time without prior notice.
  1. You must give PURE at least ten (10) days' notice prior to your next scheduled Autopay date for your suspension to be effective.
  2. Suspension period must be in full month(s). No odd days will be allowed.
  3. You may suspend your Agreement for a maximum of twelve (12) months if you are pregnant or for a maximum of three (3) months in a calendar year for any other reason. The minimum suspension period is one (1) month. You are allowed to suspend your Agreement twice within a calendar year.
  4. All non-pregnancy or non-medical suspensions will be charged SG$53.50 per month.
  5. Suspension fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  6. If you have a Monthly Committed Autopay, your Autopay will resume automatically without prior notice once your suspension period has ended.
  7. If you have a Monthly Committed Autopay or Prepaid package, the package expiry date will be extended by the number of month(s) suspended.
  8. No backdated suspensions are allowed.
  9. If you have a Monthly Committed Autopay, you agree to pay a pro-rata charge of your Agreement if you request to end the suspension earlier.
  10. If you have a Prepaid package, you agree that the expiry date of your prepaid Agreement shall be adjusted if you request to end the suspension earlier.
  11. If you apply for a medical or pregnancy suspension, you are required to provide a valid medical certificate that contains the date, your name, diagnosis, and the doctor's advice. PURE reserves every right to reject your suspension if such medical certificate is invalid and to charge you SG$53.50 per month.
  12. If you have a shoe locker rental, its fee will continue to be charged to your account via Autopay during your suspension period.
  13. If your Agreement is under suspension (medical or non-medical), you are not permitted to access any PURE Fitness centres, PURE Yoga studios, or PURE South.
  14. PURE reserves every right to reject any suspension request at its discretion.
  15. PURE reserves every right to change the Terms & Conditions from time to time without prior notice.
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