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Re-Opening FAQ

Last Updated: 16:00hs, 18 August 2021 




1. Why are we implementing Vaccination-differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS) from 10 August?

As fully vaccinated individuals are better protected against infection and severe illness, we are following the government’s easing of restrictions for fully vaccinated individuals to participate in indoor unmasked activities in high-risk settings.


2. When am I fully vaccinated?

You are considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks (14 days) after you have received 2 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech / Comirnaty, Moderna, or any World Health Organisation’s Emergency Use Listing (WHO EUL) vaccines, namely AstraZeneca-SKBio, Serum Institute of India, Jassen, Sinopharm, Sinovac-CoronaVac, including their respective duration post-vaccination for the vaccine to be fully effective.


3. If I am partially or non-vaccinated, what can I do?

A range of mask-ON classes and gym spots are being phased in at all PURE Locations for partially and non-vaccinated individuals. This is a temporary measure to provide options for those who are not yet classified as fully vaccinated.  These options will be reviewed regularly and adjusted in line with attendance as the community vaccination rate increases.

Alternatively, you will be categorised as fully vaccinated and may join the group of fully vaccinated individuals if you fulfil either of below:

•  Partially or Non-vaccinated individuals with a valid negative result on a Pre-Event Test (PET) taken in the past 24 hours at an MOH-approved medical service provider; or

•  Recovered COVID-19 individuals with a valid negative result on a Pre-Event Test (PET) taken in the past 24 hours at an MOH-approved medical service provider or with a PET Exemption Notice


For Questions 2 & 3, please see full list of acceptable criteria to be considered fully vaccinated.


4. How will VDS take place in PURE locations?


PURE Fitness locations

From 19 August, we are opening up off-peak Mask-ON gym spots and group fitness classes to cater for partially or unvaccinated persons. Group fitness classes will accommodate multiple groups of 5, up to 30 pax. For general gym access, capacity limit remains at 50 pax at any one time.


PURE Yoga locations

Both vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons can attend mask-on classes as usual. Only fully vaccinated individuals can attend vaccinated classes without a mask, in groups of 5, up to 30 pax.


nood food locations

Dine in will be available for vaccinated persons only and in groups of up to 5. For non-vaccinated persons, only take-away will be available.


5. Is sharing of equipment allowed when VDS is implemented?

Yes. From 10 August, sharing of common equipment is allowed at all PURE locations as we have elected to implement VDS.


6. How do I book and attend vaccinated-only classes?

You may book for both vaccinated and unvaccinated classes/gym spots via the PURE 360 Lifestyle app. We will proceed with VDS screening upon your entry to the club to verify your vaccination status as below.


Vaccinated classes/gym spots

Please be ready to provide proof of your vaccination status via the Trace Together App to reception on your first visit to the club.  Our team will update your status in our system on the spot for hassle free access on subsequent visits.  Once verified, our reception team will apply a hand stamp to designate your status as a vaccinated individual.  You may be asked by members of our team to show this stamp at various times during your visit so that we can safely apply VDS in our facility.


Mask-ON classes/gym spots

You may check in and attend classes/gym spots without any proof required. Most importantly, you are required to mask-on at all times during the session.


7. How do I submit my vaccination proof?

You have two options.


1. By flashing your vaccination status to our friendly reception team via the Trace Together app upon your first visit (please note there may be some delays at peak periods)


2. Via email in advance (for easy access and hassle free check-in) - Any of the vaccination proof* below can be emailed to us at sg@pure-international.com.

•  Digital Vaccination Certificate from gov.sg or Trace Together App or HealthHub; or

•  Copy/Photo of physical vaccination certificate from vaccination centre


For vaccination proof, you may only show the last 3 digits and checksum of your NRIC (e.g. “567A” from the full NRIC number of “S1234567A”). 

Please click here for more information on the submission of vaccination proof.


8. Why is the vaccination proof required?

In order to apply VDS in our clubs, we are required to verify the vaccination status of every individual upon entry.  Once we have updated your vaccination status in our records, you are no longer required to verify your status on each visit.


9. The vaccination proof contains my personal data. What happens after I submit the vaccination proof?

Your vaccination proof and personal data will not be stored. The information will be deleted as soon as your vaccination status is verified.



All accounts are on free suspension from 22 July till 18 August 2021 with complimentary access to PURECAST live-streamed classes via Zoom.

Billing will continue as normal for members who have previously reactivated their membership.


A. For partially or unvaccinated persons due to medical reasons

From 19 August, all accounts will commence billing by default – but you have the option to apply for free suspension until 31 August if:

1. You are partially vaccinated or awaiting your 14 days post-2nd jab OR

2. You are unvaccinated for medical reasons

For free suspension from 19 August to 31 August, you may click here to submit your request before 22 August, together with your vaccination or medical proof. You will be notified once the application has been recieved by us. Complimentary access to PURECAST will be available during the free suspension period.

Billing will resume on 1 September for partially or unvaccinated persons who have opted in for free suspension until 31 August as follows:


•  On 30 August autopay:

Monthly fees from 1 September to 30 September 

Less: Closure credit from 22 July to 31 July 


•  On 15 September autopay:

Pro-rata monthly fees from 1 September to 15 September 

+ Monthly fees from 16 September to 15 October 

Less: Closure credit from 22 July to 15 August 


If you are not partially or unvaccinated due to medical reasons, your account will automatically reactivate for billing on 19 August. However, you may request for suspension for up to a maximum of 3 months in this year with suspension fee of $53.50/month.  
B. For all members who do not fall under category A as above


1. Active Accounts who booked and attended in-studio/in-person class or gym spots during the Closure Period.

Before the closure on 22 July 2021, the last autopay collected was on 15 July 2021.


Dues Agreement:

If you booked and attended an in-studio/in-person class on or after 26 July, your full monthly dues were automatically billed on the next Autopay.


•  On 30 autopay:

Your last payment on 30 June covered usage from 1 – 31 July.  

On 30 July, we billed your full monthly dues for 1 – 31 August.

There are no credits to be applied.


•  On 15 autopay:

Your last payment on 15 July covered usage from 16 July – 15 August.  

On 15 August, we billed your full monthly dues for 16 August – 15 September.

There are no credits to be applied.


If you booked and attended an in-studio/in-person class or gym spot on or after 10 August, your next billing will be as follows:

•  On 30 August autopay:

Pro-rata monthly fees from 10 August - 31 August 

+ Monthly fees from 1 September - 30 September

Less: Closure credit from 22 July – 31 July


•  On 15 September autopay:

(last 15 July payment covered usage from 16 July to 15 August)

Pro-rata monthly fees from 16 August to 15 September 

Monthly fees from 16 September to 15 October 

Less: Closure credit from 22 July to 9 August 


Prepaid Agreement:

If you booked and attended an in-studio/in-person class on or after 26 July, your account continued as normal, and no extra days will be added to the end of your contract. 


•  If your prepaid expiry was originally 8 October 2021 before the closure on 22 July, the expiry date will remain the same as 8 October 2021.

If you booked and attended an in-studio/in-person class or gym spot on or after 10 August, we will extend your contract period by 19 days (free suspension from 22 July to 9 August).


2. Active Accounts (NOT on Suspension and did not attend any in-studio/in-person class during the Closure Period)

•  Dues Agreement: we will credit 28 days’ pro-rata of monthly fees to your next Autopay cycle. See Billing Breakdown below.

•  Prepaid Agreement: we will extend your contract period by 28 days.


Dues Agreement – Billing Breakdown

(Active accounts not on suspension and did not attend any class):

•  30 August autopay:

Pro-rata monthly fees from 19 August - 31 August 

+ Monthly fees from 1 September - 30 September

Less: Closure credit from 22 July - 31 July


•  On 15 September autopay:

Pro-rata monthly fees from 19 August - 15 September 

+ Monthly fees from 16 September - 15 October 

Less: Closure credit from 22 July - 15 August 


3. Accounts on Paid Suspension

•  Dues Agreement: we calculate the number of days overlapped of suspension and closure period and will credit the pro-rata of paid $53.50 suspension fee (not your full monthly rate) corresponding to those days on your next Autopay cycle.

•  Prepaid agreement: we calculate the number of days overlapped of suspension and closure period; we will extend your contract period by the number of days corresponding to the pro-rata of paid $53.50 suspension fee for the overlapped period.


4. Accounts on Medical Suspension:

•  No adjustments required. Suspension will start and end as per requested. 


5. Cardholders who had already terminated their accounts and last access date (last workout date) fell during the closure period 22 July to 18 August:

•  We will extend your access by the number of days left from when we re-open our locations (Default Option); OR

•  We are happy to issue you a guest pass for the remaining days to be activated by 31 December 2021, upon request.


6. What will happen to the expiry date of packages and services?

a.) You reactivated your account prior to 19 August (you booked and attended in-studio/in-person classes as explained above)

•  All packages and services offered and used would maintain the original validity date, unless otherwise stated.


b.) Your account is reactivated from 19 August onwards (you did not attend any in-studio/in-person class during closure)

•  All ProTraining, Private Yoga, Nutrition Services, or any other Private services will have their expiry date automatically extended by 3 months.

•  Expiry of Pal Pass and corporate trial passes will be extended by 28 days.

•  All Prepaid Rental Locker Agreements will also be extended by 28 days.

•  If you have nood food or PURE Apparel Vouchers, please note validity will be extended until 31 October 2021.




We continue to remain cautious and vigilant with the safety of our Cardholders and staff as top priority.

•  All customer-facing staff at all PURE locations will undergo regular Fast and Easy Testing (FET) in accordance with government regulations and will wear masks at all times.

•  All Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Yoga Teachers and onsite staff will either be fully vaccinated or will be confirmed COVID-negative within the past 24 hours.

•  Only cashless payment will be allowed at nood food and PURE Apparel outlets.

•  FDA / EPA safety-proofed sterilising misting machines in all PURE locations that effectively kill bacteria, fungi and viruses will also be available at reception.


1. Masks

•  Masks must be worn as a default.

•  For Mask-ON classes and gym slots, masks are still required to be worn throughout the sessions - no exceptions.

•  Mask brackets are available on request at all locations – they can make it easier to breathe should you choose to wear a mask whilst exercising. But please do self-monitor and stop your workout / practice if you experience any breathing issues.

•  All frontline staff are required to wear a mask at work. Group Fitness and Yoga Instructors may or may not wear a mask depending on whether it is a Vaccinated Mask-off or Mask-ON class.


2. Booking and Capacity

•  Vaccination proof is compulsory for access to the gym or Vaccinated yoga / fitness classes.

•  For anyone who is not yet fully vaccinated (ie. Unvaccinated, partially vaccinated or awaiting 14 days post 2nd jab), or has recovered from COVID-19, access to gym slots and / or fully vaccinated classes will only be granted upon production of negative PET test result from an MOH approved clinic within the past 24  hours or with a PET Exemption Notice.

•  PURE can have up to 50 members within each zone at any one time.

•  Segregated zones will be created so that each group maintains a capacity of up to 50 people at any one time. Classes will be staggered between the two zones to prevent intermingling of participants.

•  New Cardio Zone at PURE Fitness Asia Square available for booking with a 15-person limit at any one time.

•  Vaccinated group classes can accommodate up to 30 people per studio with groupings of 5 people.

•  Booking for all classes and gym slots will be open 2 days in advance from 9am. Standby is still available.

•  For Yoga, each Cardholder will be allowed one advance booking per day.

•  For Fitness, each Cardholder will be allowed one advance booking per day. This can either be general access to the gym or a group fitness / cycle class booked via the PURE 360 Lifestyle app, or a ProTraining session booked via your ProPT.

•  Each Vaccinated gym slot will remain 75 min in duration.

•  Each off-peak Mask-ON gym slot will be 90 min in duration.

•  If your membership entitles you to access both Yoga and Fitness, you can enjoy two advance bookings (one yoga and one fitness) per day:

◊ Single PURE Yoga location and All Singapore Yoga memberships – 1 class per day

◊ Single PURE Fitness location and All Singapore Fitness memberships – 1 access per day

◊ Cluster memberships and Cardholders on All Yoga and Fitness memberships – 2 accesses per day (one for yoga and one for fitness)


3. Safe Distancing

•  Indoor Vaccinated classes up to 30 pax will be in groups of 5, with 2-metre distance maintained between members in yoga or group exercise classes and 3-metre distance between each group.

•  Indoor Mask-ON classes or outdoor classes up to 50 pax will be in groups of 5, with 2-metre distance maintained between members in yoga classes and 3-metre distance between each group.

•  2-metre distance between individuals must be maintained within demarcations on the floor for general exercise on the gym floor.

•  Dining-in at nood food will be available for vaccinated individuals in groups of 5. For unvaccinated persons, only takeaway will be allowed.

•  Alternate cardio machines will continue to be closed.

•  1-metre safe distancing will be required throughout all common areas including but not limited to reception area, lounge and changing rooms.


4. Cleaning Arrangements

•  Heightened, more frequent cleaning and disinfection throughout the day – but please do your part and wipe down machines and equipment after use.

•  All group fitness equipment and yoga props (including blocks, straps, wheels, tennis balls and chairs) will be wiped down and disinfected after each class.

•  There will be a 15-min cleaning interval between Vaccinated and Mask-ON gym slots to disinfect the premisis and prevent any crossover/intermingling with Vaccinated gym spot members.

•  Additional hand-sanitising stations throughout the facilities, disinfectant sprays and pink-coloured towels will be provided specifically for members to use.


5. Temporary Suspension of High-Risk Services and Facilities

The following services/items will be suspended / temporarily removed until further notice:

•  Yoga and Fitness class tags and “no adjustment” tags

•  Hands-on-assists during class

•  Tea stations at yoga studios

•  Hairbrushes and other items will be removed from vanity areas

•  Steam and sauna facilities and spin dryers

•  Drinking faucets will continue to be sealed; water bottles can be filled

•  Endless Pool


For additional questions, please send us a message from your PURE 360 Lifestyle app. (Go to Profile > Settings > Contact Us).

Or send us inquiry via the PURE websites (Use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom corner of the website).