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Building a Home-Based Practice with Miryam Acosta

To register, kindly click on the "Register Now' button below, or email to events@pure-yoga.com   


About the Workshop

This workshop comprises a series of sessions designed to give you the confidence and competency to continue your yoga practice safely and effectively from the comfort and convenience of your home. 


In each session, we will cover:

  • Understanding what self-practice is and its importance
  • Building a home yoga sequence and modifications where necessary
  • Breathwork, warm-up poses and cool-downs
  • Detailed Asana breakdown 
  • Variations of poses - beginner to advanced options available
  • Drawing reference and adaptations from a studio-based practice - making it relevant at home


Suitable for new and experienced yoga practitioners alike.


Schedule & Description

Session 1: Hip Openers
  • Child Pose / Ananda Balasana
  • Yogi Squat / Malasana
  • Fire Log Pose / Agnistambhasana
  • Butterfly / Badakonasana
  • Cow Face Pose / Gomukasana
  • Side Lunge / Skandasana
  • Splits / Hanumanasana
  • Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose / Utthita Hasta Padangustasana
  • Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend / Upavistha Konasana
  • Half Pigeon / Ardha Kapotasana
  • Happy Baby Pose / Ananda Balasana


Session 2: Backbends
  • Cobra / Bhujangasana
  • Upward Facing Dog / Urdhva Mukha Svanasana
  • Bridge / Setubandhasana
  • Wheel / Urdhva Dhanurasana
  • King Pigeon / Eka Pada Rajakapotasana
  • Bow / Dhanurasana
  • Camel / Ustrasana
  • Wild Thing / Camatkarasana


Session 3: Arm Balances
  • High Plank / Phalakasana
  • Low Plank / Chaturanga
  • Baby Crow / Bala Kakasana
  • Crow / Kakasana
  • One Leg Crow / Eka Pada Bakasana
  • Side Crow / Parsva Bakasana
  • Baby Grasshopper
  • Grasshopper / Maksikanagasana
  • Eight Angle Pose / Astavakrasana
  • Sage Visvamitrasana Goddess Pose Legs / Visvamitrasana
  • Staff Pose on Blocks Flow / Dandasana On Blocks Vinyasa
  • Shoulder Press Pose / Bhujapidasana


Session 4: Inversions

  • Downward Facing Dog / Adho Mukha Svanasana
  • Dolphin / Catur Svanasana
  • Headstand Variations
  • Forearm Stand / Pincha Mayurasana
  • Hollow Back / Pincha Mayurasana Hollow Back
  • Chin Stand / Ganda Bherundasana
  • Scorpion / Vrschikasana
  • Wide Angle Forward Bend D / Prasarita Padottanasana D
  • Headstand Variations



Full Workshop (4 Sessions)

S$280 (Early-bird 20% Discount, register by 27 September)

Regular Pricing: S$350


2-Session Package (Choose any 2 Sessions)

S$158 (Early-bird 20% Discount, register by 27 September)

Regular Pricing: S$210


Single Session Only

S$88 (Early-bird 20% Discount, register by 27 September)

Regular Pricing: S$110


Terms & Conditions

Photos and video may be taken, solely for PURE marketing purposes.


Early-Bird 20% Discount
Early-Bird Price: Application sent in on or before 27 September 2020.
Regular Price: Application sent in starting from 28 September 2020.


· No refund or credit will be given for cancellation starting 27 September 2020.
· All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.


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· 20% off all PURE Apparel retail products for all yoga event registrants on dates of the training.
· 15% off all nood food items for all yoga event registrants on dates of the training.
· 20% off all smoothies and juices for all yoga event registrants on dates of the training.
· $3.50 for any coffee or tea for all yoga event registrants on dates of the training.

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