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Transition Techniques in Vinyasa with Jacqueline Soon

To register, kindly click on the "Register Now' button below, or email to events@pure-yoga.com   


About the Workshop

Have you always struggled in your Vinyasa practice or feel that you are constantly losing control and balance? 


In this workshop, we will explore the many different transitions applicable in a Vinyasa practice. How do we gain more control moving from one posture to another? How do we maintain stability while we practise?


During each session, we will discuss the muscle engagement that is required for certain poses and the technique required to shift from one posture to another. At the end of the workshop, you will have a better understanding of the various aspects of Vinyasa practice and truly enjoy your practice.


This workshop is suitable for all levels, including beginners who have always been curious about Vinyasa practice. It will also benefit regular practitioners who are keen to understand how transitions should be performed safely in order to avoid injuries.


Schedule & Description

Session 1: Elements of a Vinyasa Practice

17 April 2021 (9:00am to 12:30pm)

We will first understand what the various elements are that constitutes a vinyasa practice. This includes most importantly your breath, sun salutations, common poses such as downward facing dog, plank, chaturanga and upward facing dog, etc. In order to dive into the various transitions, we will first explore the variations of some common vinyasa options given by teachers.


Areas of focus include:

  • Detailed explanation of poses in Surya Namaskar A and B
  • Exploring transitions such as jumping back and forth during Surya Nasmaskar
  • Applying correct technique from lunges to warrior series or any other linking poses
  • How to connect the breath with every transition


Participants will be able to ask any questions and to practise all the transitions being explained.


Session 2: Exploring More Challenging Transitions

18 April 2021 (9:00am to 12:30pm)


We will be building on the first session in terms of techniques applied. We will start to explore other transitions of poses involving balances, hip openings and backbends. We will discuss more details relating to muscle engagement required to make those challenging transitions and how to stay focused while maintaining your consistent breath.


Areas of focus include:

  • Balancing transitions E.g. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) to Ardha Chanrasana (Half Moon Pose), High Lunge to Warrior 3, etc.
  • Backbend transitions E.g. Downward facing dog to Camatkarasana (wild thing)
  • Basic arm balances, how to get in and out of the pose (Bakasana Crow Pose, Side Crow)


We will close the workshop with a full Vinyasa practice to incorporate everything taught in both sessions.



Full Workshop

Pure Cardholders: S$228 (Early-bird 20% Discount, register by 14 March 2021)

Non-Pure Cardholders: S$256 (Early-bird 10% Discount, register by 14 March 2021)

Regular Pricing: S$285


Single Session Only

Pure Cardholders: S$138 (Early-bird 20% Discount, register by 14 March 2021)

Non-Pure Cardholders: S$155 (Early-bird 10% Discount, register by 14 March 2021)

Regular Pricing: S$172


Terms & Conditions 

Photos and video may be taken, solely for Pure marketing purposes.


Please note prices include 7% GST.


Early-Bird Discount
Early-Bird Price: Application sent in on or before 14 March 2021.
Regular Price: Application sent in starting from 15 March 2021.


No refund or credit will be given for cancellation starting 14 March 2021.
All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.


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20% off all Pure Apparel retail products for all yoga event registrants on dates of the training.
15% off all nood food items for all yoga event registrants on dates of the training.
20% off all smoothies and juices for all yoga event registrants on dates of the training.
$3.50 for any coffee or tea for all yoga event registrants on dates of the training.


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