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Teacher Training

Yoga Mastery Teacher Training: Upeksha: Therapeutic Approach Teacher Training with Lawrence Pradhan

What does Upeksha mean? To step back and see the bigger picture to gain clarity, create spaciousness and move towards Truth. Zoom out and zoom in (Spanda)! Zoom out to have a broader perspective, then zoom in to connect our inner wisdom.

Upeksha Yoga is a bridge between you and your highest potential. Igniting the fire and awakening the intelligence within is the objective of this programme. Building confidence by having the necessary tools to become a good teacher. With a strong focus on alignment, students will build on a solid foundation and good knowledge to have confidence in teaching beginner to intermediate classes and even one-on-one.

Weaving in philosophy so that the intelligence awakened in the physical body is interconnected with the spirit. Practising and teaching with intention, bringing focus and vision.

Yoga Alliance Accredited School
PURE Yoga is a registered school with Yoga Alliance. Our teacher training programmes and teachers are internationally accredited, have exclusive recognition and qualify for the 200-hr & 300-hr Yoga Alliance Certification.

Yoga Alliance is an international governing board for yoga teachers and training programmes in the U.S. and globally. Graduates of our programme are automatically eligible to register as a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance. Becoming a RYT means having a higher profile and gaining international recognition as a yoga teacher, attributes that many hiring studios look for.

Mission Statement
We offer this training in an effort to grow our community of committed yoga practitioners, empowering those who demonstrate dedication to a personal practice, by sharing the knowledge, skills and tools we have learned so they too can start teaching yoga.

We intend to guide trainees toward a healthy self-confidence, while at the same time invoking in them a sense of humility and excitement, knowing that they are at the beginning of a long journey.

Practice, Technique, Training
● Asana
● Pranayama & Subtle Body
● Meditation
● Inquiry Practice

Biomechanics of Human Body
● Anatomy
● Physiology
● Learn to keep the central line (spine) clear, alive, vibrant
● Learn how the muscular system enhances movement and health
● Learn the movements that go along with nature and against nature

Philosophy: Vision to understand and approach life
● Non-dualism / Enlightenment
● History
● Philosophy
● Ethics

Ayurveda: Gateway to beauty and freedom (Balance Life)
● Understanding the five elements
● The three Doshas (Understanding the body type)
● The Yoga Diet

Teaching Methodology & Professional Essentials
● Get Into the Heart of Teaching
● Ethics of a Teacher
● The Art of Demonstration
• Establishing Your Teaching Voice
• Theming Classes
• Building Confidence
• Empowered Dialogue for Effective Teaching

26,27 February

5,6,12,13,19,20,26,27 March
2,3,5,9,10,15,16,17,18,23,24,30  April
1,2,7 May


8:00 am – 10:00am

Morning Intensive (asana, pranayama, meditation)

10:00am – 11:00am


11:00am – 1:00pm

Philosophy, Theory, Asana Clinic, Teaching Practice

1:00pm – 2:00pm


2:00pm – 6:00pm

Philosophy, Theory, Asana Clinic, Teaching Practice


Total 25 days x 8 hours per day = 200 hours 
All hours can be counted towards Yoga Alliance Registration.

Students who are interested in participating should bear in mind that this will be a physically and emotionally demanding programme. It will require a strong commitment and personal sacrifice, as well as the support of the student's primary support network. We emphasise that this programme may not be for everyone.

Interested students must:
• Have a deep desire to learn and personally explore the deeper dimensions of yoga
• Be free of major injuries going into the programme
• Have a coachable attitude
• Be fully committed and understand that 100% full attendance is required
• Be willing to forgo most other personal or professional commitments for the duration of the programme  

Lawrence is a senior teacher at Pure Yoga and the founder of Upeksha Yoga, which means stepping back and seeing the bigger picture. Upeksha has been Lawrence’s bridge between him and his highest intention. He believes that the Upeksha method will serve others in the same way, helping them to recognise their highest potential.

Lawrence teaches how to connect the biomechanic principles of alignment with qualities of the heart. It is a dynamic and therapeutic approach that aligns with spaciousness, strength and softness.

Lawrence’s classes are energetic, fun, dynamic and challenging. He incorporates Tantrik Non-dual philosophy by encouraging students to pause, soften and remember the strength of their spirit. From this remembrance, the practice becomes a celebration of their innate goodness.


  • 6-month Non-dual Shaiva Tantra Philosophy Course – Christopher Wallis (Hareesh), 2016
  • Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training Yoga Philosophy and Meditation – Carlos Pomeda, 2008-2015
  • Therapeutic Teacher Training – Martin Kirk, 2012
  • Master Intensive Training, Master Immersion Training – John Friend, 2012
  • Therapeutic Teacher Training, Immersion I,II,III, Intensive Teacher Training, Intensive Studies, Tricara Immersion – Ross Rayburn, 2010-2015
  • Immersion Training – Patrick Creelman, 2009
  • Absolute Hot Yoga Teacher Training, 2007
  • Foundation Teacher Training – Patrick Creelman, 2007

Super Early-Bird Prices:
Register NOW until 31 December

Early-Bird Prices:
Register NOW until 31 January

Regular Prices:
Register from 1 February onwards

Full Training
26 February – 7 May




Full Morning Intensive 25-day Package


Morning Intensive 10-day Package
Choice of dates must be confirmed at time of registration


Single Morning Intensive
Choice of date(s) must be confirmed at time of registration


Special Discount

For Upeksha graduates

50% off for Full Morning Intensive and 10-day Package

Photos and video may be taken, solely for PURE marketing purposes.



Please complete an online application form or email us to apply. You will be notified by email within 3-5 days of its approval along with a Welcome Letter outlining payment procedures and further details. Application is NOT required for Morning Intensives. Please register at studio reception.


Early-Bird Discount

Super Early-Bird Price: Application sent in on or before 31 December 2021.

Early-Bird Price: Application sent in on or before 31 January 2022.

Regular Price: Application sent in starting from 1 February 2022.


• No refund or credit will be given for cancellation starting 1 February 2022.

• All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.

Minimum Students

This programme requires a minimum of 10 students.


Healthy-licious juice cleanse offer from nood food

• $200 discount on nood food 3-Day juice cleanse for all yoga event registrants on training dates. Ask nood food staff at your event location for details.

• 10% off all nood food items for all yoga event registrants on dates of the training.


For enquiries or more information, please email teachertraining@pure-yoga.com



*If there is any discrepancy between the printed and web versions, the web version shall prevail.

Yoga experience

Pure Yoga Cardholders can opt to have their contracts temporarily suspended for the duration of the course. Please check YES if you would like to have your account suspended. Suspension period is on a monthly basis. You can choose the start day of your suspension. You are able to reactivate your account any time by filling in a reactivation form at the studio.
Should you wish to join any classes during the training, you will receive 50% off the regular price for drop-ins

*Please refer here for the full terms & conditions