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Relax and Restore: A Weekend of Deep Rest with Adelene Cheong

Singapore - Online via Zoom

You do not have to be a PURE Yoga cardholder to join! 

To register, kindly click on the "Register Now' button below, or email to events@pure-yoga.com   


About the Workshop

Part A: Restorative Yoga: The Art & Science of Rest and Relaxation with Adelene Cheong

3-Hour Online Friday Workshop

This programme offers insights into the beauty of slowing down to support effective quality rest. Understand and experience how this practice affects the Autonomic Nervous System for health and rejuvenation, and hone your skills of relaxation.

Rest is not a luxury but a necessity – especially in our fast-paced society and digital age. Learn the art and science of relaxation at the physical, emotional and mental levels. 

To 'rest' deeply is to experience absolute relaxation, where there is effortless stillness, quietness and peace.
Key focus:  

  • Experiential practice to support your restand rejuvenation
  • Effective positioning and alignment for optimal healing
  • Introduction to the physiology of relaxation
  • Theory anddiscussions on rest and relaxation
  • Understanding theenergetic impressions of restorative poses

'Deep Rest is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, it is respect for life.’ Adelene Cheong

Adelene will share her knowledge and experience of Restorative Yoga: the art of relaxation for deep conscious rest, which is informed by western science and has been experienced and tested by practitioners of all ages.
Part B: Demystifying Savasana

2-Day Online Weekend Workshop (10 hours total)

This workshop will uncover the theory and principles of Savasana, which are seldom explained or talked about in classes. It is an act of courage to practise Savasana – to unplug from our distractions, addictions, habits, stress and the familiar. Learn how to access this powerful pose to restore optimal health physiologically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and consciously.
Do you ever wonder about the origins of Savasana? About its importance in class? What exactly happens in the body and mind during Savasana? Is there an ideal length of stay, and why? How can we be comfortable in it? These are just some of the topics that will be explored in this exclusive weekend workshop.
Savasana is one of the most widely practised poses in yoga and considered the most important asana. It is often presented as a precursor to Pranayama and Meditation. For some, Savasana may be the most challenging asana; for others – the most natural. When practised with awareness, Savasana is the most rewarding of all yoga poses. 
Key focus:  

  • Theory and experiential practice of Savasana
  • Learn the stages of Savasana
  • Understand the physiology of relaxation
  • Conditions that promote or inhibit relaxation
  • Six variations of Savasana to meet varying individual needs and therapeutic applications

* Inclusive of downloadable Savasana Bundle Video to support workshop learning and for future reference

Join Adelene for this Savasana deep dive – to learn, practise or teach Savasana with intention. Let’s demystify and take refuge in Savasana!


Props Requirements:

*Participants should prepare the following for both workshops

  • 1 Yoga Mat
  • 1 Eye Pillow/ Hand Towel or Scarf 
  • 2 Blocks
  • 2 Yoga Bolsters/ Firm Pillows
  • 2 Couch Cushions
  • 4 Blankets 
  • Access to a chair or sofa

Participants who do not have the suggested list may simply prepare extra cushions/pillows/blankets. Conducting Teacher Adelene will demonstrate adaptations.

Schedule & Description

Part A: Restorative Yoga: The Art & Science of Rest and Relaxation with Adelene Cheong

24 September 2021 (Friday), 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Part B: Demystifying Savasana

25 & 26 September 2021 (Saturday & Sunday)

2:00pm to 7:00pm daily - breaks included


Full Programme (Parts A & B)

$ 360.00 PURE Cardholders early-bird 20% discount
$ 364.50 Non-PURE Cardholders early-bird 10% discount
$ 405.00 Regular Price

* Inclusive of downloadable Savasana Bundle Video to support workshop learning and for future reference (60-min Professional HD Video, worth SGD160)

Part A: 3-Hour Online Friday Workshop

$ 105.00 PURE Cardholders early-bird 20% discount
$ 118.00 Non-PURE Cardholders early-bird 10% discount
$ 131.00 Regular Price


Part B: 2-Day Online Weekend Workshop

$ 315.00 PURE Cardholders early-bird 20% discount
$ 354.00 Non-PURE Cardholders early-bird 10% discount
$ 393.00 Regular Price

* Inclusive of downloadable Savasana Bundle Video to support workshop learning and for future reference (60-min Professional HD Video, worth SGD160)

* All early-bird discounts end 20 August 2021.

Terms & Conditions

Early-Bird 20% Discount

Early-Bird Price: Application sent in on or before 20 August 2021.

Regular Price: Application sent in starting from 21 August 2021.


· No refund or credit will be given for cancellation starting 21 August 2021.
· All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.


* If there is any discrepancy between the printed and web versions, the web version shall prevail.

(E-RYT / YACEP / SYT / BWY Teacher / Adv R&R® Trainer / Certified iRest® Teacher)

Adelene is a passionate practitioner and senior teacher of Yoga. As a leading Yoga for Scoliosis and Restorative Yoga Trainer, she believes in supporting and guiding her students to unveil their full potential through somatic embodiment and experiential learning.

Since 2000, through extensive practice, study and research, experiential learning and teaching, Adelene has carefully organised an integrated non-invasive approach to practising and living with scoliosis. She believes and commits to a healthy balance of movement, rest, play, stillness, joy, curiosity in life and being in community.

Adelene draws inspiration through an enquiry-based somatic approach, integrated movement exploration, living and being in stillness.

A movement educator and student of life, she is particularly interested in the therapeutic applications of yoga from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Her teachings are clear, educational and fun. She finds joy in guiding and supporting others through the process of self-enquiry, allowing space and time for a reflective exploration.

Adelene is based in London and teaches internationally, with a special interest in Yoga for Scoliosis, Back Care Therapeutics, Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

*Please refer here for the full terms & conditions