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Teacher Training

60-Hour MyoYin Teacher Training (II) - Yin Yoga, Myofascial Release & Spine Anatomy with Nicky Hadjithoma

9-15 November Starstreet Precinct - Wan Chai

60-Hour MyoYin Teacher Training (II) - Yin Yoga, Myofascial Release & Spine Anatomy with Nicky Hadjithoma

This 60-Hour MyoYin Teacher Training is designed for teachers and practitioners interested in learning more about fascia, its connection to our Yin Yoga practice and the various ways to intelligently manipulate this connective tissue to improve mobility, stimulate Qi flow and optimise overall health.

In this specialised programme, we will discuss the latest science and theory behind fascia, whilst covering the technical aspects of how to practise and teach Yin Yoga and myofascial release techniques – as well as the creative combination of these two modalities, known as MyoYin.

In the functional anatomy component of this training, we will study bone morphology, particularly looking at skeletal variation of the spine. Interactive anatomy labs will be set up for students to carry out range-of-motion tests to analyse anatomical variations and individual biomechanics. We will learn how to skilfully apply our observations and insights to pose modifications, to support an individualised, functional yoga practice.

Graduates of this Yin Yoga teacher training will leave with the knowledge and skills to sequence and teach a thoughtful and MyoYin class to all levels.

The training will be split into three parts:
• Fascia Studies & Myofascial Release (Current Research, Theory & Practice)
• Yin Yoga and MyoYin (Techniques & Teaching Methods)
• Applied Yoga Anatomy (Spine)

What is Fascia?
Fascia is the continuous web of connective tissue that wraps around, penetrates and interweaves between every muscle, organ and fibre in the body. Until recent years, fascia was seen as unimportant, however since 2017, the medical world has coined fascia as the largest sensory organ in the body and as a significant part of our biomechanics. The latest fascia research also shows preliminary evidence linking to psychological factors that can improve mental and emotional well-being.

We now understand the importance that fascial ‘training’ plays in optimising physiological function, performance, and overall health, which is why it has become a vital topic for yoga practitioners and teachers to study in more detail.

What is MyoYin?
MyoYin is a modality that creatively combines Yin Yoga with myofascial release ball techniques for increased therapeutic effects. Both Yin Yoga and myofascial release are known for their ability to improve range of motion, enhance circulation, hydrate the tissues, reduce pain and inflammation and optimise performance. By integrating these two therapeutic modalities, we can amplify the results to experience a more targeted and deeper release.

This is a Yoga Alliance accredited training. Students who complete the full workshop will receive a YA approved 100-hour certificate from Yintelligence School of Yin & Functional Yoga.

This module is part of a 300-hour Yin and Functional Yoga certification, which is divided into five specialty modules. Upon graduation of each individual module, students may add the relevant hours towards their Continuing Education (CE) with the Yoga Alliance or accumulate these hours towards Yintelligence’s 300-hour certification.

Module 1: 100-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Meridians & Functional Anatomy
Module 2: 60-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Myofascial Release, MyoYin & Spine Anatomy
Module 3: 60-Hour Functional Yoga Teacher Training: Hatha/Vinyasa & Shoulder Anatomy
Module 4: 40-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Meditation & Chakra Theory
Module 5: 40-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Philosophy & The Art of Self-Enquiry

Module 1 is the foundation for all other modules. It is therefore strongly recommended to take Module 1 first. Modules 3-5 will be launched at PURE Yoga Hong Kong in early 2025. Dates will be announced in Summer 2024. For the full curriculum outline, please visit the Yintelligence website

A) Fascia Studies & MyoFascial Release

• Fascia Study: Current Science & Research
• MyoFascial Release: Theory & Practice
• Defining Trigger Points
• Endoscopic Anatomy of Fascia
• The Architecture of Fascia (Biotensegrity)
• Role of Fascia and Fascial Dysfunctions
• Myofascial Pain Symptoms and Treatment
• Fascial Training
• Yoga and Fascia
• Fascia Role in Yin Yoga

B) MyoYin

• Yin Yoga Theory & Practice
• Sutras for Functional Yoga (Paul Grilley’s 14-10-7 Model)
• Classic Yin Yoga Poses & Prop Usage
• Myofascial Release Ball Techniques & Methods
• Myofascial Release Teaching Methodology
• Ball Sequencing
• Safety & Contraindications in MyoYin
• Combining Myofascial Release & Yin Yoga
• Fascial Bouncing
• Fascial Facial
• MyoYin Creative Sequencing & Theming

C) Applied Yoga Anatomy (Spine)

• Hip Anatomy 101 (Spine)
• Physiology and Kinesiology (Spine)
• Skeletal Variation & Individual Biomechanics (Spine)
• Functional Anatomy Lab (Spine)
• Common Spinal Pathologies & Treatments
• Analysis of Yin Yoga Poses (Spine)

Date: 9-15 November 2024

This is a seven-day intensive training

Morning Session: 8:00am-12:00pm

Afternoon Session: 1:30pm-5:00pm

Nicky Hadjothoma 

Nicky Hadjithoma is a renowned international senior Yin Yoga teacher and the founder of Yintelligence School of Yin & Functional Yoga.

As the Primary Lead Assistant to Jo Phee, Nicky personally apprenticed under her mentor for close to a decade, becoming one of the few trainers worldwide to be fully endorsed to teach the Paul Grilley method.

With over ten years of full-time teaching experience, Nicky’s knowledge in Yin and Functional Yoga has been gained from teaching thousands of hours of public classes to a diverse mix of students.

Nicky’s yoga journey began in 2007 when seeking a path away from her troubled youth. Over time, her practice has given her the inner strength and resilience to deal with the complexities of life, help manage her challenges with anxiety and depression, and support her long-term addiction recovery. Through first-hand experience, Nicky knows yoga to be a powerful tool of personal transformation.

Her teachings are informed by a keen interest in Western anatomy, Eastern philosophy and psycho-spiritual development. She weaves together scientific research with her own insights and personal experience to offer various integrated practices and methodologies that enliven students to embark on their own healing path and support those around them.

Alongside her long-term mentorship, Nicky has had the privilege of studying with some of the world’s leading teachers in the fields of Yin Yoga, anatomy, mindfulness, psycho-emotional and Compassionate Inquiry, including Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark, Joe Barnett, Josh Summers, Biff Mithoefer, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Tiffany Cruikshank, Sat Dharam and Gabor Maté, to name just a few.

The specialised Yintelligence curriculum is developed around Nicky’s areas of expertise in applied functional anatomy (skeletal variation and individual biomechanics) to encourage accessibility and inclusivity in the yoga community, as well as the power of Yin Yoga to cultivate emotional intelligence and foster resilience to support psycho-emotional and spiritual growth.

In 2021, Nicky moved back to Europe and stepped into the role of a travelling teacher trainer and currently travels between Asia, Europe and the Middle East offering both online and in-person the full Yintelligence teacher training syllabus.

Full Training:                                                    

Super Early-Bird Price (limited to the first 5 registrants): HK$9,719  FULFILLED

Early-Bird Price: HK$10,395 (ends 9 October)

Regular Price: HK$11,435 

Photos and videos may be taken, solely for PURE marketing purposes.

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  • Early-Bird Price: Applications to be sent in on or before 9 October 2024.
  • Regular Price: Applications to be sent in starting 10 October 2024.


  • No refund or credit will be given for cancellations starting 9 October 2024.
  • All refunds are subject to a 10% processing fee that will be deducted from your refund.
  • A refund (only for medical and emergency reasons) must be made within 3 days with a valid proof after the event finishes.

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10% off all nood food items or $5 off for all nood cold-pressed juices for all yoga event registrants on dates of the workshop.

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15% off on all KURIOS regular-priced products for all yoga event registrants on dates of the workshop.

To register, please contact any PURE Yoga studio or see reception.

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